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Libri di Michael Heinrich

Fondamenti di farmacognosia e fitoterapia

Michael Heinrich, J. Barnes
e altri

editore: Edra

pagine: 320

Il volume, alla sua seconda edizione inglese, tratta la farmacognosia tenendo conto della multidisciplinarietà della materia con lo scopo di fornire una prospettiva moderna e orientata verso la terapia dei farmaci di origine naturale. "Fondamenti di farmacognosia e fitoterapia" si rivolge in particolar modo agli studenti dei Corsi di laurea in Farmacia, Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche e Tecniche Erboristiche. Il volume offre una panoramica della farmacognosia, in particolare per quanto riguarda gli aspetti di base, botanico e fitochimico, e della fitoterapia. Attenzione particolare viene posta alla fitochimica e all'aspetto applicativo, con un approccio basato sull'evidenza clinica. Laddove necessario e appropriato, sono state incluse le strutture chimiche. Facendo riferimento alla Farmacopea Europea, vengono trattate le droghe vegetali e i loro estratti anche dal punto di vista della qualità e del relativo controllo. Va sottolineata anche la trattazione dei sistemi di cura tradizionali, quali la medicina tradizionale cinese, quella ayurvedica e i sistemi tradizionali africani.
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An Evidence-Based Guide to Herbal Medicinal Products

Elizabeth M. Williamson, Ines Da Costa Rocha
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 416

Healthcare professionals, including doctors, pharmacists and nurses, are often confronted with patients who use over-the-counter (OTC) herbal medicinal products and food supplements. While taking responsibility for one s own health and treatment options is encouraged, many patients use these products based on limited (and sometimes inaccurate) information from non-scientific sources, such as the popular press and internet. There is a clear need to offer balanced, well-informed advice to patients, yet a number of studies have shown that, generally, conventionally trained health practitioners consider their knowledge about herbal medicinal products and supplements to be weak. Phytopharmacy fills this knowledge gap, and is intended for use by the busy pharmacist, nurse, or doctor, as well as the expert patient and students of pharmacy and herbal medicine. It presents clear, practical and concise monographs on over a hundred popular herbal medicines and plant-based food supplements. Information provided in each monograph includes: Indications Summary and appraisal of clinical and pre-clinical evidence Potential interactions Contraindications Possible adverse effects An overview of the current regulatory framework is also outlined, notably the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive. This stipulates that only licensed products or registered traditional herbal medicinal products (THRs), which have assured quality and safety, can now legally be sold OTC. Monographs are included of most of the major herbal ingredients found in THRs, and also some plant-based food supplements, which while not strictly medicines, may also have the potential to exert a physiological effect.
55,00 52,25

Innovative Leukemia and Lymphoma Therapy

Bertrand Coiffier, Elihu H. Estey
e altri

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 616

Innovative Leukemia and Lymphoma Therapy provides a complete and up-to-date overview of the exciting new treatment modalities in leukemia and lymphoma that are being introduced in the clinic today. Written by international experts in the field, this volume examines clinical studies on topics such as: tyrosine kinase inhibitors, histon deacetylase inhibitors, and farnesyl transferase inhibitors radioimmunotherapy, gene-directed therapy, and immunotherapy by vaccination monoclonal antibodies anti-angiogenesis approaches Within each chapter, this well-illustrated, comprehensive source provides a summary of the rationale for treatment, the pathways that are involved, and the translational research to students, scientists, and clinicians. In addition, this book focuses on the concerns of conventional but novel anticancer agents, modulation of classical multidrug resistance, and modulators of single agent drug resistance.
168,00 159,60

Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

Elizabeth M. Williamson, Joanne Barnes
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 320

"Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy" is an important and timely book that will add to this growing interest in the use and study of medicinal plants, herbs and other natural products. It will meet the need for a modern, up-to-date textbook for students in a wide range of disciplines, including pharmacy, herbalism, complementary and alternative medicine. The four authors - Professor Michael Heinrich, Dr Joanne Barnes, Dr Simon Gibbons and Dr Elizabeth Williamson - are all experts in their respective fields, whose collective knowledge gives both diversity and authority to this important new volume.
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