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Dal 1946 a fianco di professionisti e studenti Scopri cosa dicono di noi

Libri di Matthew Walker

Perché dormiamo. Poteri e segreti del sonno per una vita sana e felice

Matthew Walker

editore: Espress Edizioni

pagine: 398

Per molto tempo, il sonno è stato uno degli aspetti più importanti e meno compresi della nostra vita, del nostro benessere e d
14,00 13,30

Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine

Ama Johal, Bhik Kotecha
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 400

This book provides a case-based illustrative approach to the understanding and management of common and important sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep disordered breathing, insomnia and circadian-rhythm disorders, as well as primary neurological sleep disorders. Case histories are written by well-established experts from University College London Hospitals who have long-standing experience of providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of sleep disorders. Cases focus on the recognition of presenting features of sleep disorders and their clinical importance, using real life patients from sleep clinic. Each case report provides a detailed clinical description followed by a clear explanation of the salient points. The text is supported by photographs, diagrams and line drawing and concludes with a list of key learning points. Each case history reads as stand-alone, although a common theme of presenting features, clinical features, investigation and treatment is adhered to. Cases are written in an easy-flowing prose style in an attempt to simulate the experience of seeing and discussing a real life patient case in clinical practice. The book is of interest to all clinicians who are likely to come across patients with sleep disorders in their clinical practice and wish to improve their understanding and knowledge of sleep disorders.
56,00 53,20

The Neuroscience of Sleep

Matthew P. Walker, Robert Stickgold

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 360

Sleep is the natural state of bodily rest, common to all mammals and birds and also seen in many reptiles, amphibians and fish. For most species regular sleep is essential for survival, yet the specific purposes of sleep are still only partly clear and are the subject of intense research. This volume is comprised of the editors' selection of the most relevant articles on sleep from the "Encyclopedia of Neuroscience", resulting in the first comprehensive collection of introductory articles on the neuroscience of sleep. Articles explore sleep's impact on neural functioning, sleep disorders, the relation between sleep and other clinical disorders, a look at sleep from a developmental perspective, and more. Chapters offer impressive scope with topics addressing neural functioning, disorders, development, and more, carefully selected by one of the most preeminent sleep researchers. The book is richly illustrated in full color with over 100 figures. Contributors represent the most outstanding scholarship in the field, with each chapter providing fully vetted and reliable expert knowledge.
87,00 82,65

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