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Libri di KAHN W.

The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease

J. Michael Hall, Michael A. Kahn

editore: Wiley-Blackwell

pagine: 280

The ADA Practical Guide to Soft Tissue Oral Disease, Second Edition is a fully updated new edition of this popular guide to oral and maxillofacial diseases likely to be encountered in general or specialist dental practices. Easy-to-use, updated resource with brief synopses for everyday clinical reference Includes self-testing clinicopathologic exercises to help readers further their skills and gain confidence in their knowledge Focuses on decision making, from communicating diagnoses to developing and discussing treatment plans Presents clinically oriented information on the most important aspects of common oral and maxillofacial diseases Features detailed color illustrations, treatment algorithms, differential diagnosis, and case examples with discussion
121,00 114,95




editore: Maloine

pagine: 255

106,00 100,70

Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Principles and Practice

Brendan G. Magauran, Jonathan S. Olshaker
e altri

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 379

As the global geriatric population continues to grow, an increasing proportion of people reporting to emergency departments are elderly. The work-up of these patients uses more time and resources than that of younger patients, and is complicated by the fact that acute disease often presents more subtly, without the outward manifestations typically seen in younger patients. This volume focuses on the unique pathophysiology of the elderly, presenting guidelines for resuscitation, evaluation and management. The first section discusses general principles including demographics, pharmacology and pain management. The following sections cover high-risk chief presenting complaints and review geriatric emergencies. Finally, topics of particular relevance in the geriatric population are discussed, including functional assessment, end-of-life care, financial considerations and abuse. This book provides a comprehensive, practical framework for community and academic emergency medicine practitioners, as well as emergency department administrators striving to improve delivery of care to this vulnerable, growing population.
70,00 66,50
131,99 125,39

Far parlare il destino

Laurence Kahn

editore: Borla

pagine: 272

28,50 27,08

Cure di bambini

Laurence Kahn

editore: Borla

pagine: 144

16,00 15,20

Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Maturation

Bing Li, Christopher Gaskin
e altri

editore: Thieme Medical Publishers Inc

pagine: 620

The value of this atlas is to provide appropriate standards for the maturing skeleton {that} will enhance accuracy and ease interpretation -- From the Foreword by Theodore E. Keats, MD, Former Alumni Professor of Radiology, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center When dealing with the maturing skeleton and its many complex growth alterations, physicians are constantly faced with the question: Is this image normal? The Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Maturation succinctly answers that question by providing a comprehensive set of male and female reference images for every age and body part. This allows physicians to quickly hone in on normal ranges for the specific case they are reviewing--particularly useful when called upon to read a pediatric skeletal radiograph in the emergency room or while on call. Special Features: * Access to nearly 2,300 high-quality images that provide instant reference to normal views of the skeleton at every developmental milestone-available in both the text and accompanying DVD * Multiple projections at every age, sex, and body part combination so that the user can match the reference points in the book to the case at hand and arrive at a solid clinical interpretation * Practical text layout organized by gender and body part that provides quick access to images of normal development at any given age * A software virtual skeletal survey demonstrates images of younger and older individuals and crystallizes the subtle variations in growth patterns * Powerful software package with advanced image enhancement tools allows optimization of atlas image details for greater clarity. Compatible with numerous image formats (including DICOM) allowing viewing and editing of outside images * Convenient growth charts included in the book and DVD This unique resource, with its vast collection of print and DVD images of normal progressive skeletal development, gives physicians the full range of comparative information they need to interpret pediatric skeletal radiographs in any clinical setting. It is the reference standard for radiologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, emergency room physicians, internists, rehabilitation physicians, and training physicians who are called upon to review a pediatric radiograph and confidently make a diagnosis.
220,00 209,00

Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Harald Busse, Thomas Kahn

editore: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K

pagine: 490

The idea of using the enormous potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) not only for diagnostic but also for interventional purposes may seem obvious, but it took major efforts by engineers, physicists, and clinicians to come up with dedicated interventional techniques and scanners, and improvements are still ongoing. Since the inception of interventional MRI in the mid-1990s, the numbers of settings, techniques, and clinical applications have increased dramatically. This state of the art book covers all aspects of interventional MRI. The more technical contributions offer an overview of the fundamental ideas and concepts and present the available instrumentation. The richly illustrated clinical contributions, ranging from MRI-guided biopsies to completely MRI-controlled therapies in various body regions, provide detailed information on established and emerging applications and identify future trends and challenges.
295,00 280,25

Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine

Debra Kahn, James A. Bourgeois
e altri

editore: American Psychiatric Press Inc.

pagine: 336

The practice of medicine is both learned and advanced through the compilation and study of cases -- vignettes that record the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of individual patients and diseases. This is especially true of psychosomatic medicine (PSM), which depends on the "compelling case" to distill clinical knowledge and communicate it to students, residents, and clinicians. An invaluable contribution to the field, the Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine describes the psychiatric symptoms and/or illnesses managed by the PSM psychiatrist in collaboration with other medical colleagues. The book presents a broad range of cases illustrating the medical, psychosocial, and intertwined situations psychiatrists are likely to encounter in an academic medical center setting. No other single volume offers a broader range of engaging, detailed, and nuanced PSM cases, or grounds them so firmly in a psychiatric, psychosocial, and spiritual context. Here are just a few of this patient-centered book's most impressive and useful features: * The relevant science underlying each case is addressed in discussion sections, allowing the book to be read as a stand-alone volume. Alternatively, the cases can be read as instructive and insightful illustrations by the reader who has already absorbed the fundamentals of PSM from standard textbooks in the field.* This user-friendly book is organized by the organ system or disease type of the presenting illness or symptom.* Content rare in volumes of this kind includes detailed coverage of the diagnosis and management of cognitive disorders; the management of drug toxicity states; determinations of decisional capacity for medical decision making; and "stress and adaptation", an issue the PSM psychiatrist encounters daily.* The authors strongly believe that one of the most crucial roles for the psychiatrist is in the medical center, and the book reflects that orientation. * The book addresses the importance of understanding the impact of patients' systemic illnesses on their psychiatric symptoms, and modifying interventions and care accordingly. These abilities are critical to sound PSM practice. Although PSM has a long and noble history, it is the newest of the psychiatric subspecialties, and as the literature expands, more and more clinicians will incorporate PSM treatment modalities into their practice. The Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine is an essential contribution to that body of knowledge and establishes a new standard with which to face the future of this exciting field.
46,00 43,70

Skeletal Development of the Hand and Wrist

A Radiographic Atlas and Digital Bone Age Companion

Cree M. Gaskin, J. Christoper Bertozzi
e altri

editore: Oxford University Press Inc

pagine: 144

Bone age assessment, a crucial part of the diagnosis and management of pediatric growth disorders as well as the timing of certain pediatric orthopedic procedures, has for decades depended on the meticulous examination of plain radiographs. Examining the subtle changes present within the maturing human hand often proves to be challenging and time-consuming. Building on the popular Greulich and Pyle atlas, this book modernizes the method for pediatric skeletal maturity determination. It offers a wealth of images, carefully mined from thousands of digital radiographs from University of Virginia's Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), edited to best demonstrate important developmental bone features, and organized by age and sex for rapid reference. To expedite learning and clinical image analysis, images come in pairs: annotated and unannotated, for easy comparison. Succinct annotations on the images replace lengthy text to provide a quicker and clearer understanding of the skeletal age. These annotations highlight important and subtle features to help distinguish images that otherwise look superficially alike. The result is an atlas of exceptionally high quality skeletal radiographic standards that capture both the major and finer details of the accepted standards of Greulich and Pyle. The user-friendly format of this book enables a faster, more accurate, and more educational approach to determining skeletal maturity. The Digital Bone Age Companion packaged with the book is a computer program that facilitates viewing of the atlas images in digital format. Users can easily zoom in on radiographic features, set image level and width to their preference, and compare two or three reference standards side-by-side for difficult cases. Most importantly, the program expedites evaluation, optimizes workflow, and minimizes user-introduced errors with the reliable bone age calculator and built-in report generator. The digital format may also be available for integration with your Radiology Information System (RIS) for further workflow enhancement. Given the broad application of pediatric bone aging, Skeletal Development of the Hand and Wrist is not only intended for practicing and training radiologists, but for all of those who employ bone age studies as part of their practice.
197,00 187,15

Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Grant Cooper, Kevin Barry
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 176

Written in a user-friendly format and utilizing a case study approach, "Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Medicine" describes how acupuncture fits into the treatment paradigm for musculoskeletal complaints. Several different acupuncture treatment styles are presented, and in each example the choice of acupuncture points is explained in detail. These suggested treatments are meant not merely as recipes, but rather as strategies that can be applied to a variety of clinical complaints and conditions. Each case study includes physical examination findings, diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis, and recommendations for standard medical treatments. This is followed by one or more detailed acupuncture treatment strategies. Finally, there is a review of the published research regarding acupuncture as it pertains to musculoskeletal medicine.
53,00 50,35

Principles and Practice of Endocrinology and Metabolism

C. Ronald Kahn, John P. Bilezikian
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 2512

Established as the foremost text in the field, "Principles and Practice of Endocrinology and Metabolism" is now in its thoroughly revised, updated Third Edition. This practical, clinically relevant, and comprehensive text covers the entire field of endocrinology and metabolism, including the diffuse endocrine system; morphology and physiology; diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases; endocrinology of the female; hormones and cancer; and, much more. The third edition contains new chapters reflecting the latest advances and features expanded coverage of genetics and the endocrinology of sepsis. More than 1,400 illustrations complement the text. There is a drug formulary that appears at the back of the book. This title comes from Doody's Core Titles 2009.
360,00 342,00

Atlas of Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasonography

R. Kenney, V. Neumann
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 256

Covering horse, cattle, sheep, goat, swine and the dog and cat, this volume offers a comprehensive and illustrated account of veterinary gynaecologic examination and reproduction. Staring with the common indications for ultrasonography, gynaecologic and obstetric examination, the book goes on to address the interpretation of ultrasonographic findings. The pregnant and non-pregnant uterus, pathologic changes of the uterus and other abnormal ultrasonographic findings are described and explained. Features include: illustrations which aim to facilitate accurate and rapid decision-making; focus on technique, as well as interpretation; and coverage of ovarian tumours and cysts. The book is intended for veterinarians.
217,00 206,15

My architect. Alla ricerca di Louis Kahn. DVD

Nathaniel Kahn

editore: Feltrinelli

Nel marzo 1974 un uomo fu trovato morto nei bagni di una stazione di New York. Nessuno si presentò per identificare il cadavere. Era Louis Kahn, uno dei più grandi architetti del ventesimo secolo. Un artista che aveva progettato e costruito edifici e interi quartieri, creature "spirituali" fatte di luce, mattoni, cemento e acqua che, come è stato scritto, "hanno cambiato la nostra vita e il nostro modo di vivere lo spazio". "My architect" racconta la vita di Kahn, ma non è solo un film sull'architettura. Il regista è Nathaniel Kahn, figlio illegittimo di Louis, e il film è la storia di un uomo alla ricerca del padre che l'ha abbandonato, ma è anche una suggestiva investigazione sul tema dell'artista, sull'esaltazione e la dannazione di ogni grande creatore.

Fratelli in terapia

a cura di M. Viaro,

editore: Cortina Raffaello

pagine: 378


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