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Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry

Angus W. G. Walls, Jonathan A. Ship
e altri

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 392

Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry, Third Edition provides a comprehensive review of the aging process and its relevance to oral health and dentistry. Now in full colour, this third edition has been fully revised and updated with new material encompassing recent research and clinical developments within geriatric dentistry. Written in a clear and accessible style, this is an essential guide to geriatric dental practice for undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry students and practicing clinicians alike. Key features include: * Contributions from an international group of expert authors * Comprehensive coverage of oral healthcare issues in the older adult, from demographics and physiology through to nutrition and pharmacology * Provides both foundational knowledge and a guide to clinical management * New chapters including material on orofacial pain, quality of life and treatment planning
110,00 104,50

Clinicians Guide to Common Geriatric Oral Conditions

Jonathan A. Ship

editore: B.C. Decker Inc

pagine: 80

Compared to previous generations, today's older adult is much more likely to have natural teeth. Because aging and systemic diseases can influence oral health and function, it is important for clinicians to be able to recognize, diagnose and treat oral conditions in the elderly population.This monograph, part of the American Academy of Oral Medicine's (AAOM) "Clinician's Guide" series is intended as a quick reference to the etiologic factors, clinical description, currently accepted therapeutic management, and patient education of the more common oral conditions found in geriatric patients. Since oral disease in the elderly can lead directly or indirectly to malnutrition, altered communication, increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, oral health professionals can play a vital role in helping the elderly to achieve optimum quality of life. The book also offers topical and systemic drug regimens for treatment of common oral disorders with special attention to the fact that the pharmacokinetics of drug absorption, distribution and metabolism are considerably altered in elderly patients.
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