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Libri di Jacques W. A. J. Reeders

Imaging in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Disease

A Practical Clinical Approach

Dirk J. van Leeuwen, Jacques W. A. J. Reeders
e altri

editore: Baillière Tindall

pagine: 544

Rapid developments in the imaging of hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease constantly change the diagnostic and therapeutic approach in this field. The increasing variety of imaging modalities in the developed world has greatly helped clinicians in the management of patients. However, the wealth of modalities and the detailed information which can be obtained are not always in the interest of the patient and are increasingly a subject of major concern dueto the cost involved. This book will help SHOs, surgeons, radiologists and other specialists involved in the adequate selection of imaging modalities for the most commonly presenting clinical problems. It will provide advice on the relative value of alternative modalities in resolving a specific clinical problem, together with an indication of the related risks.
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