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Libri di Helen Carty

Imaging Children

David A. Stringer, Francis Brunelle
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 2480

"Imaging Children, 2/e" provides a comprehensive, practical reference for the paediatric radiologist and the general radiologist involved in the routine, or occasional diagnostic examination of children. Covering all organ systems, it outlines the most appropriate radiological evaluation and facilitates accurate diagnosis through a practical 'picture matching' approach whereby the radiologist can compare his or her own interpretation with those of the experts in the book. Each section contains a list of differential diagnoses which are divided into common and rare categories as well as diagnostic algorithms. The book takes an integrated multi-modality approach to paediatric radiological evaluation and diagnosis, each condition incorporates the most appropriate and cost-effective procedure whether it be plain-film, ultrasound, CT, MRI, or Nuclear Medicine.
578,00 549,10

Paediatric Ultrasound

Helen Carty, Julie B. Higham
e altri

editore: Greenwich Medical Media Ltd

pagine: 216

Paediatric Ultasound provides trainee and practising radiographers and radiologists, and indeed all healthcare personnel involved in taking and interpreting paediatric ultrasound scans, with a practical and detailed grounding in the techniques and diagnostic applications of ultrasound imaging in children. Written by an experienced team of radiologists and sonographers, it focuses on the principles of best practice, the key topics and the common problems encountered as the technologist and clinician acquire the fundamental skills of equipment selection and image optimisation. Up-to-date, and illustrated profusely throughout, in colour where necessary, this book will serve the sonographer and clinician alike as a clear, concise and authoritative reference to the practice of paediatric ultrasound.
45,00 42,75

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