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Libri di Cory F. Newman

Bipolar Disorder

A Cognitive Therapy Approach

Aaron T. Beck, Cory F. Newman
e altri

editore: American psychological association

pagine: 346

The authors present numerous techniques for the A sourcebook of practical guidance on bipolar disorder - a devastating illness that until now has been treated primarily through somatic means. It explores the use of cognitive therapy in the treatment of bipolar disorder, examines the interface between cognitive therapy and pharmacology, and provides explicit guidelines for addressing bipolar patients' misgivings about taking medications. The authors present numerous techniques for the management of hypomania and mania, and they bring to bear the full force of traditional cognitive therapy in combating suicidality - a common aspect of the disorder. Recognizing that bipolar disorder affects entire families, the work explicates methods for helping couples and families collaborate more effectively in the face of one (or more) members' bipolar illness. In addition, the authors touch upon the sensitive but vitally important topic of stigma, and how it affects the lives and treatment of manic-depressive individuals. It also offers ways for therapists to help boost the morale, self-esteem, hope and resiliency of their bipolar patients through the therapeutic relationship.
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