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Libri di Cameron, J. L.

Current Surgical Therapy

John L. Cameron, Andrew M. Cameron

editore: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

pagine: 1552

An ideal resource for written, oral, and recertifying board study, as well as an excellent reference for everyday clinical practice, Current Surgical Therapy, 13th Edition, provides trusted, authoritative advice on today's best treatment and management options for general surgery. Residents and practitioners alike appreciate the consistent, highly formatted approach to each topic, as well as the practical, hands-on advice on selecting and implementing current surgical approaches from today's preeminent general surgeons. Provides thoroughly updated information throughout all 263 chapters, including focused revisions to the most in-demand topics such as management of rectal cancer, inguinal hernia, and colon cancer. Presents each topic using the same easy-to-follow format: disease presentation, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and surgical therapy. Includes seven all-new chapters: REBOA in Resuscitation of the Trauma Patient, Treatment of Varicose Veins, Management of Infected Grafts, Radiation for Pancreatic Malignancies, Pneumatosis Intestinalis, Proper Use of Cholecystostomy Tubes, and Pelvic Fractures. Integrates all minimally invasive surgical techniques into relevant chapters where they are now standard management. Discusses which approach to take, how to avoid or minimize complications, and what outcomes to expect. Features full-color images throughout, helping you visualize key steps in each procedure. Helps you achieve better outcomes and ensure faster recovery times for your patients. Provides a quick, efficient review prior to surgery and when preparing for surgical boards and ABSITEs. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
180,00 171,00

Vivere con l'alzheimer. Consigli semplici per la vita quotidiana

Cameron J. Camp

editore: Erickson

pagine: 164

Spesso chi si occupa della cura di una persona con demenza si sente frustrato, impotente, privo di ogni possibilità di intervento utile. Il volume contrasta questa comune percezione, offrendo strumenti concreti nell'approccio al malato: conoscere il suo contesto di vita e i suoi interessi, sapere come riconoscere e valorizzare le abilità conservate (ad esempio la lettura), indovinare le possibili cause di agitazione e modificare l'ambiente fisico e sociale quando provoca comportamenti problematici. Caratterizzato da uno stile leggero e spiritoso, ma allo stesso tempo fondato su rigorose evidenze di ricerca e ispirato al Programma Montessori per la Demenza, Vivere con l'Alzheimer fornisce decine di consigli pratici per affrontare le molte sfide davanti a cui ci pone la demenza, in particolare negli stadi da moderati ad avanzati. Attraverso storie reali, il volume dimostra che le persone con capacità mnesiche compromesse possono ancora essere in grado di apprendere nuovi comportamenti e trarre vantaggio da trattamenti non farmacologici, rendendo così la propria vita più ricca, significativa e "normale", nonostante la malattia.
16,50 15,68

Physical Agents in Rehabilitation

An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice

Michelle H. Cameron

editore: Saunders

pagine: 464

With straightforward, in-depth coverage of the use of physical agents to improve patient outcomes, Physical Agents in Rehabilitation: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice, 5th Edition reflects how physical agents and modalities are being taught in the classroom. This new edition brings the ideal balance of evidence and practical instruction to the teaching and practice of physical agents in rehabilitation. Comprehensive coverage of all physical agents includes the mechanisms, clinical effects, and application techniques for thermal agents, ultrasound, electrical currents, electromagnetic radiation, hydrotherapy, traction, and compression. Plus, each chapter includes a scientific rationale and step-by-step instructions in the use of the agent(s), as well as up-to-date research support and new Find the Evidence tables. The new edition is supported with electronic ancillaries including review questions for students, PowerPoints (R), and links to all references on Medline.Comprehensive coverage of all physical agents includes the mechanisms, clinical effects, and application techniques for thermal agents, ultrasound, electrical currents, electromagnetic radiation, hydrotherapy, traction, and compression.Find the Evidence tables guide the reader in finding up-to-date, patient-specific evidence using the PICO framework.UNIQUE Step-by-step illustrated application techniques boxes guide you in reproducing effective treatment options.Electronic ancillariesElectrical Stimulation, Ultrasound & Laser Light Handbook helps you to understand the material and can be printed out for quick reference to use in the clinical setting. NEW! Chapter on biofeedback complements the coverage of powered devices used in rehabilitation.UNIQUE! New Find the Evidence tables guide the reader in finding up-to-date, patient-specific evidence using the PICO framework.
82,00 77,90

Pancreatic cancer


Cameron, J. L.

editore: B.C.Decker

pagine: 274

Building upon a distinguished career in surgical oncology, John L. Cameron has drawn upon the expertise of contributors from the best cancer centres in the United States to compile this volume on pancreatic cancer. This volume of the ACS Series includes chapters on molecular genetics, lymph node dissection and palliation of pain.
171,90 163,31

Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine

a cura di Peter Cameron, Biswadev Mitra


pagine: 1008

Since the first edition of Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine was published twenty years ago, there has been enormous change in the way emergency care is delivered. This has occurred both in countries where emergency medicine was originally developed and in those where its application was limited because of cost. Emergency medicine is now perceived as the cornerstone of response to acute illness regardless of resources. This fully revised Fifth Edition provides clear and consistent coverage of this constantly evolving specialty. Building on the success of previous editions it covers all the major topics relevant to the practice of emergency medicine. The book will prove invaluable to professionals working in this setting - including nurse specialists and paramedics - who require concise, highly practical guidance, incorporating the latest best practice and evidence-based guidelines. This edition comes with an enhanced electronic version with video and self-assessment content, providing a richer learning experience and making rapid reference easier than ever before, anytime, anywhere. A comprehensive textbook of adult emergency medicine for trainee doctors - covers all the problems likely to present to a trainee in the emergency department. Chapters are highly readable and concise - boxes summarise chapter key points and highlight controversial areas of treatment. The content is highly practical, clinically orientated and thoroughly updated in all the core subjects There have been major updates in topics such as airway, shock and sepsis where guidelines have changed rapidly. The imaging chapters have also evolved with changing practice and improved technology, to be concordant with evidence on the importance of image interpretation by emergency clinicians. There are major sections on other skills and issues of key importance to today's advanced emergency medicine practitioner, such as staffing, overcrowding, triage, patient safety and quality measures. In addition, difficult topics such as death and dying, the challenging patient, ethics, giving evidence and domestic violence are covered. Governance, training, research and organisational subjects such as disaster planning and response, humanitarian emergencies and refugee medicine are included to give the reader a framework to understand the complexity of managing major emergency systems of care.
92,00 87,40

Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry

Angus Cameron

editore: Mosby

The new edition of this internationally recognised volume offers comprehensive guidance to the successful management of the child in the clinical dental setting. Prepared by authors of international renown, the Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry takes the reader far beyond the technical skills that are needed to treat disorders of the childhood dentition and instead delivers a whole philosophy of integrative patient care. Richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, the Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry is written in a friendly 'how to' manner and contains useful 'pull out' boxes to act as useful aide-memoires. Exploring a variety of topics, the book includes discussion of child development, practical communication skills and advice on how to deal with behavioural problems. Clinical topics include the management of caries, fluoridation, restorative dentistry, pulp therapy, trauma management, oral medicine and pathology, dental anomalies, and the treatment of medically compromised children. Chapters also explore the use of orthodontics, the management of cleft lip and palate and speech, language and swallowing. The Handbook of Paediatric Dentistry has become an essential chairside and bedside companion for all practitioners caring for children and is suitable for undergraduate dental students, general dental practitioners, specialist paediatric dentists, orthodontists and paediatricians. Established as the foremost available comprehensive handbook on pediatric dentistry Prepared in an 'easy-to-digest' fashion - which allows for quick reference and easy reading Contains over 550 full colour line artworks, photographs and tables together with 'Clinical Hints' boxes to act as useful aide-memoires Sets out the essentials for managing conditions such as clefting disorders, haematological and endocrine disorders, congenital cardiac disease, disorders of metabolism, organ transplantation and cancer in children as well as more familiar presentations such as dental trauma, oral infections and caries Detailed appendices provide the reader with information that is often difficult to find and which may be overlooked Designed specifically to give all practitioners confidence when managing children Convenient handbook size ensures that the book can be easily referred to in the clinical setting Endorsed by the Australasian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Improved layout with completely new colour illustrations Expanded section on sedation Includes details from the most recent international guidelines Cases expanded to show 20 year follow-up New chapter on clinical and surgical techniques New chapter on the care of children with special needs Major revisions of chapters on behaviour management, restorative dentistry, management of cleft lip and palate Increased section on radiographic pathology in children
70,00 66,50
249,00 236,55
295,99 281,19

Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Biswadev Mitra, Gary J. Browne
e altri


pagine: 688

It is now more than ten years since the publication of the first edition of Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and interest in this specialty continues to grow at a local and international level. Paediatric emergency medicine can be a challenging and difficult area for doctors. Children cannot always communicate their problems verbally, while parents are anxious and the possibility of a missed diagnosis is ever present. Although the principles in managing paediatric patients are the same as adults there are significant differences in patterns of illness and response. In addition, the therapies available vary widely between adult and paediatric practice. Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine provides clear, concise and comprehensive coverage of all the major topics that present within paediatric emergency medicine. It offers a consensus approach to diagnosis and treatment, drawing on the latest evidence available. Short chapters with key point boxes allow for the quick and easy retrieval of information, essential when time is short. This Third Edition captures the major changes in guidelines across the specialty in the assessment and management of paediatric patients, whilst refining established approaches to practice. The text reviews both new technologies and the better application of older techniques which have led to changes in practice. There are significant updates to the sections on resuscitation and trauma, the clinical applications of bedside ultrasound, analgesia and sedation. There is also a new focus on the teaching and research sections.
79,00 75,05

Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine

Anne-Maree Kelly, Anthony F. T. Brown
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1104

Now fully revised and updated, Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine provides clear and consistent coverage of this rapidly evolving specialty. Building on the success of previous editions, it covers all the major topics that present to the trainee doctor in the emergency department. It will also prove invaluable to the range of other professionals working in this setting - including nurse specialists and paramedics - who require concise, highly practical guidance, incorporating latest best practice and current guidelines. For the first time this edition now comes with a complete and enhanced electronic version, providing a richer learning experience and making rapid reference easier than ever before, anytime, anywhere.
88,00 83,60

I falsi miti dell'evoluzione. Top ten degli errori più comuni

Cameron McPherson Smith, Charles Sullivan

editore: Dedalo

pagine: 200

Esiste veramente un anello mancante tra l'uomo e la scimmia? Perché sopravvivono solo gli esseri più adatti? Come funziona il meccanismo della selezione naturale? Il 2009 è il duecentesimo anniversario della nascita di Darwin e il centocinquantesimo dalla pubblicazione de "L'origine delle specie", il suo testo fondamentale sulla teoria dell'evoluzione. Questo libro ci guida attraverso i più comuni "miti" presenti nella coscienza popolare, e non solo, in materia di evoluzione.
15,00 14,25

Vostro figlio ha un disturbo alimentare? Guida pratica per i genitori

B. T. Walsh, V. L. Cameron

editore: Centro Scientifico Editore

pagine: 199

Quest'autorevole guida si rivolge ai genitori di ragazzi che hanno avuto una diagnosi di disturbo alimentare o che sono a rischio di svilupparne uno, ma anche a insegnanti o counselor che lavorano a stretto contatto con gli adolescenti. La prima parte fornisce informazioni relative a anoressia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, disturbo da alimentazione incontrollata, illustrando dettagli relativi alla frequenza di tali patologie e ai fattori di rischio; il capitolo 4 descrive i trattamenti per i disturbi del comportamento alimentare (di cosa si tratta, dove vengono efFettuati, cosa ci si può aspettare da queste terapie) e si parla dei problemi quotidiani che deve affrontare chi vive con una persona che soffre di un disturbo alimentare, sottolineando l'importanza del sostegno dei genitori nei confronti dei figli, ma anche del sostegno che gli stessi genitori possono ricevere da parte di counselor o di gruppi di auto-aiuto. Infine si affronta il tema della prevenzione dei disturbi alimentari e dell'importanza di una prevenzione precoce.
19,00 18,05

Soluzioni. Antidoti pratici ed efficaci per i problemi sessuali e di coppia

Leslie Cameron Bandler

editore: Astrolabio Ubaldini

pagine: 227

Le tecniche della programmazione neurolinguistica (PNL) sono applicate in questo volume alla terapia sessuale e di coppia. L'autrice fornisce al terapeuta una serie di strumenti per aiutare le coppie e gli individui a superare problemi e traumi sessuali, difficoltà e incomprensioni nei rapporti, permettendo ai pazienti di accedere a esperienze più profonde e soddisfacenti. Nell'arco del volume, con un linguaggio semplice che risulta di pronta comprensione anche per i non addetti ai lavori, Leslie Cameron-Bandler ripercorre tutte le fasi dell'intervento terapeutico. Illustra come stabilire un rapport col cliente, l'uso del rispecchiamento, l'individuazione del sistema rappresentazionale primario usato dal cliente, come formulare un obiettivo ben delineato, l'ancoraggio, la ristrutturazione, la metafora terapeutica, il ricalco nel futuro, e così via. E se il libro è rivolto soprattutto ai terapeuti in formazione, non mancherà di interessare tutti coloro che vogliono crescere, cambiare, scoprire le proprie risorse interiori, capire a fondo il loro comportamento, e riprendersi il controllo della propria vita invece di lasciarsi portare dagli eventi.
19,00 18,05

Advances in Surgery

John L. Cameron

editore: Mosby

pagine: 240

Each year, Advances in Surgery brings you the best current thinking from the preeminent practitioners in surgery. A distinguished editorial board identifies areas of major progress with which they feel every practitioner should be familiar with. Then, invited specialists contribute original articles on these topics.
97,00 92,15

Gesti e atteggiamenti che parlano da soli. Capire e padroneggiare il linguaggio del corpo per migliorare il rapporto con se stessi e con gli altri

Milton Cameron

editore: Il Punto d'Incontro

pagine: 125

Tutti i gesti che compiamo, anche i più banali o abituali, nascondono un significato ben preciso e rivelano, di solito senza che ce ne accorgiamo, i nostri pensieri, gli stati d'animo e persino il nostro carattere. Imparare a decifrare il modo in cui ci muoviamo è fondamentale per conoscere meglio noi stessi e gli altri. Attraverso spiegazioni e disegni che illustrano in dettaglio, per ogni parte del corpo, le varie modalità d'espressione gestuale, questo testo insegna a individuare le zone e i territori da rispettare nella comunicazione fisica, svela i segreti per sviluppare un "lessico corporale adeguato" e per decifrare i gesti di ogni interlocutore.
9,90 9,41

Crash Course: Psychiatry

Alasdair Cameron, M. J. Akhtar

editore: Mosby

pagine: 276

"Crash Course!" is a revision series for students on system based and integrated courses. An illustrated outline format in bite-sized chunks makes the content easy to absorb. Hints and Tips and Comprehension Check boxes are built-in features designed to make the series student-friendly. A practice exam at the end enables students to assess their level of understanding. The "Basic Science" titles are written by medical students for medical students under faculty supervision, the content focuses in on what medical students really need to know. The Clinical titles are written by a senior consultant and a junior doctor who has recent experience of being a student - again making the books as relevant as possible for current medical students.
30,00 28,50

A History of the Treatment of Renal Failure by Dialysis

J. Stewart Cameron

editore: Oxford University Press

pagine: 368

This book tells the extraordinary story of how the function of the first - and so far almost the only - human organ was replaced by a machine, and the "artificial kidney" entered medical and public folk-lore. A practical artificial kidney, or dialyser, came about by advances in science followed by the acquisition of new synthetic materials which made the application of these ideas possible. However it was the dedication and persistence of a number of talented pioneers who pressed ahead against professional opposition to achieve success, first in the treatment of temporary, recoverable kidney failure, and then permanent renal shut-down which made it a success. The apparent high cost and limited availability of this form of treatment immediately raised ethical questions which had never been questioned before, centering around equity of access to treatment, when and if treatment could be denied, and - worst of all - the agonising decision of when, once established, it should be stopped. Spiralling costs as the true number of people with kidney failure became evident raised major political and financial questions, which were addressed in different countries in different ways which reflected - but also helped change - patterns of how medical care is provided. In developed countries, the problem could be solved by allocating a disproportionate amount of money to the treatment of relatively few kidney patients, but in the developing world the cost of treatment still limits its availability, as it does all forms of modern health care. Nevertheless, today almost one million people world-wide are maintained alive following terminal kidney failure, two thirds of them by various forms of dialysis and the remainder bearing kidney transplants, almost always placed after a period on dialysis. The story is also the sum of the often heroic lives of these hundreds of thousands of patients, a few of whom have today been maintained alive and active for more than 35 years, and many of whom suffered known, but also unexpected complications as a result of their treatment.
85,95 81,65

Human Growth and Development

Noel Cameron

editore: Academic Press Inc

pagine: 432

"Human Growth and Development" pulls together information from leading experts in a variety of fields to create a one-volume resource on the human growth stages, environmental effects, and the research methods scientists should use. This text promises to be a great course-planning guide for instructors in various medical and scientific fields in addition to a thorough reference for further research. It contains: both biological and bio-medical approaches to human development; chapters on research methods of growth data collection; annotated reference lists for every chapter; and tremendous breadth of knowledge within a single source.
90,00 85,50

Henderson's Orbital Tumors

J. Douglas Cameron, James A. Garrity
e altri

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 404

A complete update of a classic reference by specialists at the Mayo Clinic, Henderson's Orbital Tumors, Fourth Edition collates the Clinic's fifty years' experience in managing tumors involving the orbit. Drawing on case reports and extensive follow-up data from over 1,700 patients treated at the Clinic, the authors formulate comprehensive guidelines on diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of the entire spectrum of orbital tumors. This new edition reflects the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment, including improved imaging technology, more accurate pathologic diagnosis, new radiotherapy options, new surgical approaches, and therapy using monoclonal antibodies. More than 460 illustrations, 43 in full color, complement the text.
170,00 161,50


Kevin Yank, Cameron Adams

editore: Apogeo

pagine: 315

JavaScript è un linguaggjo di scripting per pagine web, ma soprattutto è uno degli ingredienti di AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScrip
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