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Libri di Brenner, B.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management

Gary J. Brenner, James P. Rathmell

editore: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

pagine: 665

Offering expert guidance from seasoned clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, this bestselling handbook provides accurate, clinically essential information in a portable, quick-reference format. Broad-based, multidisciplinary coverage draws from the disciplines of anesthesiology, neurology, behavioral medicine, nursing, psychiatry, and physical therapy to provide practical, evidence-based information for sound therapeutic choices. Now in full color for the first time, The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management, Fourth Edition, contains numerous new chapters, new illustrations, and other features that keep you up to date with today’s latest approaches to pain management. Contains an extensive new section on interventional approaches to pain management, as well as new chapters on radiotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals for cancer pain and ethical considerations in pain medicine. Features new chapters on discography, epidural steroid injections; intrathecal drug delivery; peripheral nerve blocks; and sympathetic blockade. Includes handy appendices that provide useful medication information, basic science coverage relevant to clinical strategies, and numerous tables and chapter-opening outlines for quick reference
62,00 58,90
130,00 123,50

Stato, spazio, urbanizzazione

Neil Brenner

editore: Guerini Scientifica

pagine: 192

La riconfigurazione dello spazio è al centro dei processi urbani, politici ed economici contemporanei, in Europa così come su scala globale. Le città, le regioni, i processi di integrazione europea e della globalizzazione si fondano su dinamiche, movimenti e linee di frattura che delineano una profonda ricomposizione dello stato nazionale come struttura fondante della vita politica e sociale moderna. Il lavoro di Neil Brenner è tra i più innovativi ed importanti contributi alla comprensione delle dinamiche di ricomposizione dello spazio nell'epoca globale. I saggi qui raccolti propongono una nuova grammatica teorica per decifrare la grande trasformazione contemporanea e metterne in evidenza la portata. Brenner in queste pagine si sofferma in particolare sul processo di regionalizzazione e riqualificazione scalare in corso nell'Europa occidentale dagli anni Settanta ad oggi e sulla necessità di ripensare il concetto di urbano al di là della reificazione che lo identifica con gli agglomerati che definiamo comunemente «città».
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Brenner & Rector Il rene

Opera composta da 4 volumi. Attualmente disponibili i primi tre.

Brenner, B.

editore: Verduci Editore

pagine: 3000

440,00 418,00

Pocket Companion to Brenner and Rector's the Kidney

Barry M. Brenner, Ciara Magee
e altri

editore: Saunders

pagine: 928

"Pocket Companion to Brenner and Rector's The Kidney" distills the essential clinical information from the latest edition of the seminal text on kidney diseases and their management. Michael R. Clarkson, Ciara Magee, and Barry M. Brenner detail the key pathophysiologic, diagnostic, and treatment issues in clinical nephrology, including interventional nephrology, endocrine aspects of kidney disease, and plasmapheresis.
49,00 46,55

Architettura della metropoli. Sei edifici pubblici per Milano

a cura di K. T. Brenner

editore: Idea Books (Milano)

pagine: 62

9,30 8,84

Atlas of EEG in Critical Care

Lawrence Hirsch, Richard P. Brenner

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 346

As the population ages, technology improves, intensive care medicine expands and neurocritical care advances, the use of EEG monitoring in the critically ill is becoming increasingly important. This atlas is a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the uses of EEG monitoring in the critical care setting. It includes basic EEG patterns seen in encephalopathy, both specific and non-specific, nonconvulsive seizures, periodic EEG patterns, and controversial patterns on the ictal-interictal continuum. Confusing artefacts, including ones that mimic seizures, are shown and explained, and the new standardized nomenclature for these patterns is included. The Atlas of EEG in Critical Care explains the principles of technique and interpretation of recordings and discusses the techniques of data management, and 'trending' central to long-term monitoring. It demonstrates applications in multi-modal monitoring, correlating with new techniques such as microdialysis, and features superb illustrations of commonly observed neurologic events, including seizures, hemorrhagic stroke and ischaemia. This atlas is written for practitioners, fellows and residents in critical care medicine, neurology, epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology, and is essential reading for anyone getting involved in EEG monitoring in the intensive care unit.
142,00 134,90


Craig Stevens, George M. Brenner

editore: Saunders

pagine: 552

"Pharmacology" allows you to move through the subject at an accelerated pace, while showing you how to apply the most important concepts to everyday clinical problem-solving and decision-making! The all-new, full-colour format, along with a consistent chapter organisation, makes learning and review efficient, while straightforward and clear illustrations explain difficult concepts and help you to memorise the material.
48,00 45,60

Dupuytren's Disease

A Concept of Surgical Treatment

G. M. Rayan, P. Brenner


pagine: 254

Morbus Dupuytren is particularly widespread among northern Europeans. However, the therapeutic success-rate often leaves much to be desired. A 50 per cent recurrence-rate after surgery indicates that the disease cannot be treated by surgery alone. This book therefore adopts two parallel approaches: emphasis is firstly placed on the systemic character of morbus Dupuytren in context with other connective tissue diseases by a description of the biochemical and molecular-biological changes in the diseased connective tissues; secondly, a diversified picture of the given anatomical facts serves to explain the employment of the various therapeutic approaches. Further, a description is given of the current surgical procedures.
203,00 192,85

Clinical Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

Jerome Ritz, Kerry Atkinson
e altri

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 2000

Drs Richard Champlin, Jerome Ritz, Willem Fibbe, Per Ljungman, and Malcom K. Brenner join Kerry Atkinson as editors of this definitive reference on the clinical practice and underlying science of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This third edition text is significantly revised and updated with 124 chapters balancing scientific explanations with practical information on patient care for all aspects of autologous, syngeneic, and allogeneic transplantation. This edition includes 18 new chapters on significant topics such as plasticity of stem cells, embryonic stem cells, and nonmyeloablative conditioning regimens. Thoroughly referenced through 2003, the chapters are divided into 15 sections, including biological background and practical procedures, clinical results, transplant-related and organ-specific complications, laboratory aspects, and developing areas, with a final 'breaking news' chapter from this rapidly evolving field. Over 170 internationally-recognized experts contributed to this authoritative and practical text that is an essential resource for hematologists, oncologists, and transplant specialists.
446,00 423,70

Women's Dermatology

from Infancy to Maturity

Jennifer L. Parish, Lawrence Charles Parish
e altri

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 640

Representing a unique and important initiative in the study of cutaneous medicine, Women's Dermatology: From Infancy to Maturity takes you through all aspects of skin disorders as they affect women - from basic concepts and general topics to specific considerations, such as culture, menstrually-related conditions, and drug abuse. It is an authoritative clinical reference that describes both normal and pathologic skin of the female patient throughout the natural course of life. The editors have invited renowned contributors from around the world to develop chapters in their areas of expertise, written specifically from the point of view of gender variations. The result is an all-encompassing volume comprised of 52 chapters and over 300 full-color photographs. Women's Dermatology: From Infancy to Maturity is an invaluable clinical reference for all dermatologists, pediatricians specializing in cutaneous medicine, and all physicians concerned with the optimal care of their female patients.
131,80 125,21
18,08 17,18

Città per le persone, non per il profitto

a cura di N. Brenner, P. Marcuse

editore: Manifestolibri

pagine: 240


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