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Libri di Aymeric Y. T. Lim

Elective Hand Surgery

Rheumatological and Degenerative Conditions, Nerve Compression Syndromes

Aymeric Y. T. Lim, Michel Merle

editore: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

pagine: 524

The volume contains essential information on elective (non-emergency) hand surgery practice. The author, M Merle, a world authority in surgery of the rheumatoid hand, synthesizes the depth of his experience into the book, and presents the management of these conditions in a clear manner. All the elective procedures are described in great detail and depth. The quality of illustrations is outstanding and is superior to any other hand textbooks on the market. There are very few textbooks on elective hand surgery and this will be an essential resource for orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, and physiotherapists.
150,00 142,50

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