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Liver Pathology

An Atlas and Concise Guide

Arief A. Suriawinata, Swan N. Thung

editore: Demos Medical Publishing

pagine: 224

"Liver Pathology: An Atlas and Concise Guide" will provide pathologists, heptologists, gastroenterologists, residents and fellows in their respective fields with an up-to-date guide to the differential diagnoses, interpretation and diagnoses of liver specimens. "Liver Pathology: An Atlas and Concise Guide" contains over 600 high-quality color images demonstrating the histopathologic and immunohistichemical findings supported by concise text listing the all essential information about liver diseases including definition, patient demographics, clinical signs and symptoms, laboratory findings, pathologic features (histology, immunohistochemistry, molecular studies), differential diagnosis and key references. "Liver Pathology: An Atlas and Concise Guide" provides the "fundamentals" of liver pathology-in a straightforward, problem-oriented presentation of key points and typical differentials based on what you are likely to see.
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