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Libri di Edwards

Pathology of Sudden Cardiac Death

B. Edwards, J. Edwards

editore: Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)

pagine: 264

Sudden cardiac death represents a highly heterogeneous group of cardiovascular disorders. While some may initially think of sudden death as primarily an arrhythmogenic event, this actually represents the minority of cases of sudden cardiac death. In the vast majority of cases, there is an underlying anatomic disorder of the cardiovascular system responsible for the ultimate hemodynamic collapse known as sudden cardiac death. This book will provide an atlas type review of ischemic and non-ischemic etiologies of sudden cardiac death. Beyond the atlas, however, will be a "clinical pathologic correlation" for each described disorder providing practicing clinicians with practical information to facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment. While an increasing array of noninvasive diagnostic tools continue to develop, the sad fact remains that many of the physicians and operators of these new diagnostic modalities have never actually seen specimens which demonstrate the fundamental pathologic abnormalities. This ability to see first hand the underlying pathology creates an opportunity to advance the science and enhance ones understanding of these disease processes. There is not a comprehensive text on this subject on the market today which provides clinical and patholigical material in such a comprehensive manner.
105,00 99,75

A Nurse's Survival Guide to Critical Care - Updated Edition


editore: Elsevier

pagine: 612

Are you a starting work in critical care? Are you an experienced nurse but need to check guidelines and best practices? This is the indispensable guide to daily procedures and problems faced by nurses working in this specialty. This book will help you to Organise your job and yourself Assess patients and communicate with them Get clinical information on a wide range of conditions What to do in emergency This UPDATED edition: Completely updated and revised content written by authors with extensive nursing experience in the field Physiological, psychological and social areas, as well as legal issues, ethical and moral dilemmas that critical care nurses and health care practitioners may face on a daily basis Boxes, tips and diagrams to help bridge the theory-practice gap while embarking on your critical care career. Part of the A Nurse's Survival Guide series Completely updated and revised content written by authors with extensive nursing experience in the field Physiological, psychological and social areas, as well as legal issues, ethical and moral dilemmas that critical care nurses and health care practitioners may face on a daily basis Boxes, tips and diagrams to help bridge the theory-practice gap while embarking on your critical care career.
30,00 28,50

I cento linguaggi dei bambini. L'approccio di Reggio Emilia all'educazione dell'infanzia

a cura di C. Edwards, L. Gandini

editore: Junior

pagine: 400

"I cento linguaggi dei bambini" rappresenta una felice sintesi dei motivi ispiratori e delle scelte teoriche e pratiche che sono state alla base dell'importantissima esperienza educativa di Reggio Emilia, che tuttora prosegue con grande autorevolezza ed efficacia. La nuova edizione di questo volume corrisponde alla terza edizione americana, di cui costituisce un adattamento con integrazioni specificamente rivolte al lettore italiano. Nell'attuale versione, le idee esposte nel nucleo centrale, rappresentato dalla lunga e profonda intervista a Loris Malaguzzi, sono accompagnate, commentate e sviluppate da contributi di ricercatori, pedagogisti e educatori di Reggio Emilia e da colleghi che hanno lavorato a partire dal Reggio Emilia Approach in Italia, in Europa e in America settentrionale.
32,00 30,40

A Nurse's Survival Guide to Children's Nursing - Updated Edition

Sharon L. Edwards, Imelda Coyne

editore: Elsevier

pagine: 592

Are you working as a children's nurse or doing a placement on a children's ward? Are you studying to become a great professional involved in nursing children and young people? This user friendly, easy to carry textbook is a practical and evidence-based guide which provides those in the early stages of their careers with clinical information and insights. This book will help you to: Gather all the information you need to work with patients, in a concise and structure way; Obtain the knowledge required and clinical skills needed on a wide range of conditions; Have an excellent starting point and great revision aid to refer to when in doubt; What will you find in this UPDATED edition: Answers to some of your questions about embarking on your career into children's nursing; How to satisfy children's requirements and needs in the ward according to their age and stage of their development; Examples on legal, health and safety issues; Completely updated and revised content written by authors with extensive nursing experience in the field. Part of the A Nurse's Survival Guide series What will you find in this UPDATED edition: Answers to some of your questions about embarking on your career into children's nursing; How to safely care for children's needs in the ward according to their age and stage of their development; Examples on legal, health and safety issues; Completely updated and revised content written by authors with extensive nursing experience in the field. Part of the A Nurse's Survival Guide series
30,00 28,50

The Internet for Physicians

M. J. A. Edwards, R. P. Smith

editore: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

pagine: 304

Like the Internet itself, interest in computing (both local and distant) has grown exponentially. The rapidly changing role of the Internet has resulted in three very different editions of The Internet for Physicians. The first edition attempted to introduce the concept of information transfer and communication and point the way toward a tool of the future. The second edition attempted to assuage trepidation in the use of this emerging tool and suggest the why and wherefore of being connected. The needs that drove those goals have almost completely disappeared. As a result, the bulk of this edition is more focused on the medical aspect of the Internet and its use, and less on the nuts and bolts of connecting and communication through the Web. It has been revamped, reorganized, and expanded to include 30% more content and 90 new illustrations. New to the third edition is an entire section dedicated to Medicine and the Web, with chapters discussing patient education and information, what your patients are seeing on the web, finding quality resources, including clinical-trial and evidence-based medicine sites, how to search and use Pun Med, telemedicine, continuing medical education, medical literature and informatics, applications of on-line journals and submissions, and much more.
45,45 43,18


An Evidence-Based Guide to Herbal Medicinal Products

Elizabeth M. Williamson, Ines Da Costa Rocha
e altri

editore: John Wiley & Sons Inc

pagine: 416

Healthcare professionals, including doctors, pharmacists and nurses, are often confronted with patients who use over-the-counter (OTC) herbal medicinal products and food supplements. While taking responsibility for one s own health and treatment options is encouraged, many patients use these products based on limited (and sometimes inaccurate) information from non-scientific sources, such as the popular press and internet. There is a clear need to offer balanced, well-informed advice to patients, yet a number of studies have shown that, generally, conventionally trained health practitioners consider their knowledge about herbal medicinal products and supplements to be weak. Phytopharmacy fills this knowledge gap, and is intended for use by the busy pharmacist, nurse, or doctor, as well as the expert patient and students of pharmacy and herbal medicine. It presents clear, practical and concise monographs on over a hundred popular herbal medicines and plant-based food supplements. Information provided in each monograph includes: Indications Summary and appraisal of clinical and pre-clinical evidence Potential interactions Contraindications Possible adverse effects An overview of the current regulatory framework is also outlined, notably the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive. This stipulates that only licensed products or registered traditional herbal medicinal products (THRs), which have assured quality and safety, can now legally be sold OTC. Monographs are included of most of the major herbal ingredients found in THRs, and also some plant-based food supplements, which while not strictly medicines, may also have the potential to exert a physiological effect.
55,00 52,25

Leggere le decorazioni

Clive Edwards

editore: Logos

pagine: 256

Leggere le decorazioni è una piccola e agile guida al mondo dei motivi decorativi dei tessuti stampati e jacquard. Narra la storia del design tessile mettendo in luce come alcuni motivi siano caratteristici di una determinata zona e cultura, mentre altri siano comuni a diverse parti del mondo. Leggere le decorazioni si apre con un'introduzione alla natura delle decorazioni per poi proseguire con un'ampia selezione di esempi. I capitoli si suddividono per genere: motivi stilizzati, geometrici, astratti e descrittivi; poi per tema; mondo naturale, griglie, strisce e figure umane. I diversi tipi poi sono ulteriormente divisi per cronologia, cultura o motivo valutando le diverse tecniche, colori e geometrie. Autorevole, ma al contempo accessibile, Leggere le decorazioni è imprescindibile per chiunque sia mai stato colpito dai ghirigori di un broccato, dalle simmetrie di un damasco o dagli effetti caleidoscopici di una stampa Art Deco. Questo libro esplora le caratteristiche del design tessile dai primi esempi reperibili alle moderne realizzazioni contemporanee. È comunque un'introduzione allo studio dei motivi decorativi e offre oltre 500 motivi esempi presi al Victoria & Albert Museum di Londra. Clive Edwards ha studiato storia del design al Royal College of Art e Victoria & Albert Museum. Scrittore e curatore ha pubblicato varie monografie sul textile design.

London interiors. Ediz. italiana, spagnola e portoghese

Jane Edwards

editore: Taschen

pagine: 280

La swinging London è tornata
14,99 14,24

Medical Writing

A Prescription for Clarity

Martin B. Edwards, Neville W. Goodman

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 268

Effective communication is the ultimate, but often daunting, purpose of any piece of medical research. Medical Writing: A Prescription for Clarity provides practical information enabling first drafts to be turned into clear, simple, unambiguous text, without loss of individuality. Written by a medical consultant and an experienced medical editor, it is sympathetic to the problems and needs of medical writers. Like the preceding two editions, this expanded third edition deals with the basic craft of writing for publication, from spelling and grammar to choosing the best word or phrase. Whether writing a simple clinical report or thesis, wanting to supervise others, or wanting just to develop greater skill in effective writing, this book is the ideal guide and reference. Clear, simple and precise, and illustrated with apt cartoons, this is an invaluable handbook.
36,00 34,20

Practical Pediatric Radiology

David K. Edwards, Saskia von Waldenburg Hilton

editore: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd

pagine: 720

The new 3rd Edition of this popular reference offers pragmatic, up-to-date guidance on the radiologic diagnosis of pediatric ailments. It's clinically oriented, problem-based approach helps readers to respond appropriately to a given set of symptoms and to employ the safest and most cost-efficient methods available. More than 1000 images, flow charts, and line illustrations facilitate recognition of a wide variety of problems. It also offers helpful guidance on the appropriate psychological approach to pediatric patients.
170,00 161,50

London interiors. Ediz. italiana, spagnola e portoghese

Jane Edwards

editore: Taschen

pagine: 304

Bisogna andare a Londra per trovare tutto ciò che è alla moda, gli artisti, i fotografi, i musicisti, gli scrittori, i decorat

Neurological Physiotherapy

A Problem-solving Approach

Susan Edwards

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 308

"Neurological Physiotherapy" aims to provide an improved understanding of problems commonly encountered by the therapist working with people with neurological disability. It describes aspects of posture and movement difficulties which may occur as a result of neurological damage and gives guidance to help the therapist to plan the appropriate treatment programme for each patient. Using a problem-solving approach the emphasis is on the identification of symptoms in relation to impairment and disability rather than on a detailed description of neurological conditions.
42,00 39,90

Urgent Care Medicine

Tanise Edwards, Thom Mayer

editore: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US

pagine: 676

The first book devoted to the needs of clinicians working at Urgent Care Centers. This concise, practical manual is geared specifically for physicians and other clinicians staffing the growing number of Urgent Care Centers. Urgent Care Medicine covers the unique aspects of medical practice at these centers including; staffing, patient profiles, interfacility transport, and the most common procedures performed at these centers. The book features easy-to-find critical information and quick-reference appendices on Differential Diagnoses of Chief Complaints & Presenting Symptoms and Radiologic Diagnosis Pearls,
94,51 89,78

Obstetric and Gynecologic Dermatology

Christina Ambros-Rudolph, Libby Edwards
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 424

This title was part of the British Medical Association Book Awards 2009 - Highly Commended, Dermatology. Completely updated throughout - and still the only reference of its kind - the new edition of this well-respected resource offers you a practical guide for the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of a full range of common and uncommon obstetric and gynecologic skin disorders. It has expanded coverage - including chapters on vulval vaginal disease help you meet more clinical challenges, while more than 460 illustrations emphasize pathologic and clinical appearances of dermatologic problems, providing essential visual guidance for the most informed diagnoses. Enhanced basic dermatologic information, such as general introductions to treatment, treatment options, and rashes, makes this an excellent guide for dermatologist and non-dermatologists, as well as obstetricians and gynecologists. A CD-ROM - new to this edition - provides convenient access to all of the book's images for your personal use.
105,00 99,75

Essential Orthopaedics and Trauma

With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

David J. Dandy, Dennis J. Edwards

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 504

New edition of a classic textbook on orthopaedics and trauma for medical students and junior doctors now available with StudentConsult access [an on-line student learning facility available from Elsevier].
58,00 55,10

Gastroenterology Quick Glance

Zenia Colette Edwards

editore: McGraw-Hill Medical

pagine: 336

"Gastroenterology Quick Glance". Z. Colette Edwards, MD, MBA. Maximum information' minimal time! This ultraconcentrated source of information is handy, practical, and compact enough to carry at all times - yet comprehensive enough to cover the field. Its speedy, at-a-glance format is ideal for use in clinical practice, or for a quick review before exams. This book includes practical, EZ-to-use hints and tips for recognizing and treating a wide spectrum of GI and hepatic problems including: motility disorder syndromes, nutritional vitamin deficiency and toxicity syndromes, endocrine syndromes, autoimmune liver disease, polyposis and colon cancer syndromes, viral hepatitis, the porphyrias diarrhea syndromes, GI manifestations of AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease acute, fulminant hepatic failure, and ETOH hepatitis surgical considerations.This book is packed with tables, figures, and algorithms to aid in quickly finding critical information. Content reflects relevant examination content outlines for in GI and liver disease. It also features quick reviews of radiologic imaging, pathology, and current Rx recommendations for GI and liver diseases. 'Very good format and precisely what I was looking for' - Online review of another title in the "Quick Glance" series.
42,00 39,90

The M and M Files

Morbidity and Mortality Rounds in Emergency Medicine

Frank John Edwards

editore: Hanley & Belfus Inc.

pagine: 238

This book follows the traditional Mortality and Morbidity Rounds format of case presentations followed by discussion. M&M Rounds are an excellent training mechanism because they are case-based and allow clinicians to vicariously experience the missteps of their colleagues before they walk down the same path. This book is built around 100 true emergency department patient encounters chosen to reveal the typical (and usually avoidable) ways a case can go wrong. Whether it's a matter of miscommunication, perceived rudeness, too limited differential diagnosis, or failure to recognize key signs and symptoms, these cases dramatically demonstrate the pitfalls that both novice and experienced clinicians can encounter.
46,00 43,70

A Textbook of in Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction

The Bourn Hall Guide to Clinical and Laboratory Practice

Peter R. Brinsden, Robert G. Edwards

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 704

This major book - known as 'The Bourn Hall Textbook' - evolved from teaching courses held at this prestigious Clinic - one of the birthplaces of IVF and clinical reproductive medicine. The content is comprehensive: covering assessment of the infertile couple and both laboratory and clinical aspects of assisted reproductive technologies. The emphasis throughout is on the practical management of patients undergoing assisted conception treatment. The third edition is a complete update of the field including expanded sections on newer technologies such as GIFT and ICSI. The book is authored largely by current or previous members of the Bourne Hall staff, with additional material from leading international authorities. The Bourn Hall Procedures, Protocols and Information Sheets - previously published as an Appendix - are now included on CD-ROM for ease of adaptation for local use.
172,00 163,40

Il nido per una cultura dell'infanzia

a cura di L. Gandini, S. Mantovani

editore: Junior

pagine: 200

19,80 18,81

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