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Paediatric Dermatology

Paediatric Dermatology
titolo Paediatric Dermatology
argomenti Medicina Dermatologia Dermatologia pediatrica
Medicina Pediatria Dermatologia pediatrica
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 624
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780199208388
63,00 53,55
Risparmi: € 9,45
Paediatric Dermatology is an indispensible and highly-accessible guide for all healthcare professionals faced with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with skin diseases. Subdivided into 37 comprehensive chapters written by experts in both dermatology and paediatrics, the book is organised according to presentation and body site rather than diagnosis, making it ideal for quick reference in the clinical setting as well as general study. It contains over 300 full-colour, high-quality clinical photographs of skin conditions, as well as simple algorithms to aid diagnosis of common presentations, such as itchy red rashes, blistering disorders, bruising and hair and nail disorders. Although attention is focused on more common diseases, the features of many more rare conditions are listed under relevant clinical signs to aid diagnosis. Advice is given on when to refer to a dermatologist, while short descriptions of approved treatment modalities are given where appropriate.

Indice testuale

DERMATOLOGY BASICS ; 1. Structure and function of the skin ; 2. The dermatology consultation ; 3. Dermatological treatments ; 4. Patterns and shapes in skin disease ; 5. Endocrine dysfunction and the skin ; 6. Failure to thrive and the skin ; NEONATAL ; 7. Neonatal skin problems ; 8. Vascular birthmarks and tumours ; DISTRIBUTION AND BODY SITE ; 9. Face, nose, eyes and ears ; 10. Oral lesions ; 11. Trunk and flexures ; 12. Hands, feet and limbs ; 13. Genital skin disorders ; 14. Hair and scalp disorders ; 15. Nail changes ; 16. Photosensitivity ; RASHES ; 17. Itching, eczemas and related rashes ; 18. Acne and acneiform rashes ; 19. Papular rashes ; 20. Pustular rashes ; 21. Urticarial (Hives) rashes ; 22. Red rashes and erythroderma ; 23. Drug rashes ; 24. Abuse and self-inflicted disease ; TEXTURAL CHANGES ; 25. Blisters ; 26. Crusts, scabs and eschars ; 27. Dry skin disorders ; 28. Lumps and bumps (tumours) ; 29. Changes in skin thickness and elasticity ; 30. Ulceration of the skin ; CHANGES IN SKIN COLOUR ; 31. Purple skin changes ; 32. White skin changes ; 33. Brown and black skin changes ; 34. Moles ; 35. Blue, grey and black skin changes ; 36. Red skin changes ; 37. Yellow and orange skin changes

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