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Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing

Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing
titolo Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing
argomenti Medicina Oftalmologia Optometria
Medicina Oftalmologia
editore Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 308
pubblicazione 2007
ISBN 9780750688949
18app Carta del docente Acquistabile con bonus 18app o Carta del docente
115,00 109,25 (-5%)
Using the CD-ROM is a great pleasure. On its own the book is excellent, but with the CD-Rom it represents a very powerful learning tool, both for students and those seeking continuing education and training. Optician review of previous edition. Lavishly illustrated, this highly successful book has been revised and updated but continues to provide the principles and practice of ophthalmic lens dispensing for all optometrists and dispensing opticians. Written by one of the world's best-known and most highly acclaimed authors, Professor Mo Jalie, this essential text book is a distillation of his years of experience, wisdom and clinical training.

Indice testuale

Chapter 1 Introduction to the theory of ophthalmic lenses Chapter 2 Form and material of ophthalmic lenses Chapter 3 Lens centration Chapter 4 Aspheric lenses Chapter 5 Reflections from spectacle lens surfaces Chapter 6 Surface treatments Chapter 7 Tinted lenses Chapter 8 Dispensing in myopia Chapter 9 Dispensing in hypermetropia Chapter 10 Bifocal lenses Chapter 11 Trifocal lenses Chapter 12 Progressive power lenses Chapter 13 Dispensing in aphakia Chapter 14 Safety lenses Chapter 15 Special lenses Chapter 16 Sports lenses Chapter 17 Lens manufacture - single vision lens surfaces Chapter 18 Lens manufacture - multifocal surfaces Multiple choice questions Answers to multiple choice questions Index

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