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Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition

Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition
titolo Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition
sottotitolo Health, Welfare and Performance
autori , ,
argomenti Veterinaria Alimentazione
Veterinaria Equini
editore Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 696
pubblicazione 2013
ISBN 9780702034220
134,00 113,90
Risparmi: € 20,10
Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition is a landmark text that provides a comprehensive source of information on the nutrition and feeding management of horses. In this authoritative and accessible account, experts from around the world provide a global perspective while the editors tackle key controversial areas. Topics covered include the basic foundations of equine nutrition (digestive and metabolic physiology, nutrient functions and requirements), nutritional management by life stage or function, the assessment of feedstuffs and feeding programs, and clinical nutrition. Also included is discussion on feed hygiene and the role of manufacturers in feed quality and safety. The book contains abundant practical nutritional advice for the treatment of clinical conditions seen by veterinarians in their daily practice, together with the fundamental information needed to make recommendations for the nutritional management of healthy horses. Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition provides the most substantial overview currently available of the nutritional management of key equine clinical conditions. It further presents the up-to-date scientific background needed to underpin recommendations. It will be of core relevance to equine veterinarians and nutritionists, and a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as lay horsemen and women who wish to be better informed about their horses' nutritional needs.

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SECTION 1: CORE NUTRITION Digestive physiology Metabolic physiology Feeding behaviour Research techniques in equine nutrition Energy Amino acids and protein Fats and fatty acids Carbohydrates Vitamins Minerals Water SECTION 2: APPLIED NUTRITION AND FEEDING MANAGEMENT A. General considerations Feedstuffs for horses Pastures and pasture management Supplements and nutraceuticals (including ergogenics) Ration evaluation and formulation (with discussion on feed manufacturing practices) International feeding practices B. Feeding through the lifestages Broodmare and stallion Growing animals Mature horses Old horses Athletic horses (possibly several chapters under this heading - a basic core chapter, then a group of small chapters that deals with different disciplines e.g. racehorses, endurance, 3-day event) C. Special considerations Ponies, donkeys, miniature horses Wild equids Orphan foals . SECTION 3: CLINICAL NUTRITION Clinical assessment of nutritional status Muscle disorders Laminitis Obesity Thin and starved horses Endocrine diseases (equine metabolic syndrome; equine Cushing's disease) Developmental orthopaedic disease Osteoarthritis Gastrointestinal diseases (gastric ulcers, colic, diarrhea) Allergic and inflammatory airway diseases Renal and hepatic Skin diseases/atopy Central nervous system diseases (e.g. equine motor neuron disease; grass sickness) Behavioural abnormalities (stereotypies) Assisted enteral and parenteral feeding Feed-related toxicities APPENDICES Nutrient requirements Nutrient composition of feeds Reference ranges for blood metabolites, minerals and vitamins Milk composition

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