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Paediatric Intensive Care

Paediatric Intensive Care
titolo Paediatric Intensive Care
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argomenti Medicina Pediatria Emergenze e urgenze
Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Terapia intensiva e critical care
Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione
Medicina Pediatria
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 944
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780199233274
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One in 70 children are admitted to paediatric intensive care (PIC) at some time during childhood. Most paediatric junior doctors will rotate through PIC, and will be involved in organising acute intensive care for critically ill children. The range of children and their illnesses going through PIC is vast, making it a hugely diverse specialty. A critically ill child will end up there regardless of their underlying disease, and as a result consultants in PIC must be true generalists and need to acquire knowledge and skills in all areas of paediatrics, as well as acquiring significant knowledge of anaesthesia and surgery. From setting up the ventilator, to managing low cardiac output, Paediatric Intensive Care gives practical and realistic advice for children's doctors and nurses in intensive care. Information is organised by system or speciality, and presented in easily-accessible '5 minute chunks', making it easy to get the answers you need, but is also extensively cross-referenced so that different aspects of a particular clinical problem are fully covered. The handbook contains answers to specific problems and provides guidance on how to manage specific issues, and will become an indispensible guide for all those who provide care to sick children.

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GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO PAEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE ; 1. An introduction to paediatric intensive care ; 2. Epidemiology and outcome of paediatric intensive care ; 3. Paediatric resuscitation and critical care outreach ; 4. Clinical assessment ; 5. Physics and clinical measurement ; 6. Vascular access and monitoring ; 7. Applied physiology ; ORGAN SYSTEM SUPPORT AND RELATED PRACTICAL PROCEDURES ; 8. Airway management and ventilation ; 9. Anaesthesia ; 10. Analgesia and sedation ; 11. Circulatory support ; 12. Cardiopulmonary bypass ; 13. Managing fluids and electrolytes/acid base ; 14. Renal replacement therapies ; 15. Nutrition ; 16. Heat-related illness ; 17. Prescribing ; 18. Transport and retrieval ; 19. Imaging in paediatric intensive care ; SPECIFIC SPECIALTIES ; 20. Cardiac disorders and post-operative care ; 21. Respiratory disease ; 22. Neurocritical care ; 23. Trauma ; 24. Infection control policies and PICU ; 25. Immunity and infection ; 26. Sepsis and multiple organ failure ; 27. Laboratory investigations for infectious disease ; 28. Antimicrobial use on the PICU ; 29. Neonatology ; 30. Gastroenterology and hepatology ; 31. Nephrology ; 32. Diabetes and endocrinology ; 33. Metabolic ; 34. Haematology and oncology ; 35. Brain death, organ donation, and transplantation ; 36. Poisoning ; 37. Technology dependent children ; 38. Genetic syndromes ; 39. Paediatric intensive care medicine in the developing world ; COMPASSIONATE AND FAMILY-ORIENTATED CARE ; 40. The child and family in PICU ; 41. Aspects of the law in paediatric intensive care ; 42. Clinical governance, audit and risk management ; 43. Child protection

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