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Nephrology and Fluid/Electrolyte Physiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies

Nephrology and Fluid/Electrolyte Physiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
titolo Nephrology and Fluid/Electrolyte Physiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
sottotitolo Expert Consult - Online and Print
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Nefrologia Nefrologia pediatrica
Medicina Pediatria Nefrourologia pediatrica
editore Saunders
formato Libro
pagine 400
pubblicazione 2012
ISBN 9781437726589
85,00 72,25
Risparmi: € 12,75
This exciting new reference brings you information about the most controversial nephrology challenges you face in your practice. The book confidently tackles these subjects and gives seasoned advice on the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies using evidence-based medicine wherever possible. It gives you the latest information you need to keep pace with the fast-paced, dynamic environment of neonatology.

Indice testuale

Section A: Placenta and Fetal Water Flux 1. Water Flux and fetal Amniotic Fluid Volume: Understanding Fetal Water Flow 2. Body water changes in the Fetus and Newborn: Normal Transition after Birth and the Effects of Intrauterine Growth Abberation Section B: Electrolyte Balance during Normal Fetal and Neonatal Development 3. Renal Aspects of Sodium Metabolism in the Fetus and Newborn 4. Potassium metabolism 5. Renal Urate Metabolism in the Fetus and Newborn 6. Perinatal Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism 7. Acid-base Homeostasis in the Fetus and Newborn Section C: The Kidney, Normal Development and Hormonal Control 8. Glomerular Filtration Rate in Neonates Section D: Special Problems 9. The Developing Kidney and the Fetal Origins of Adult Cardiovascular Disease 10. Renin Modulation: Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 11. Renal Modulation: Arginine Vasopressin and Atrieal Natriuretic Peptide 12. Acute Problems of Prematurity: Balancing Fluid Volume and Electrolyte Replacement in Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonates 13. Lung Fluid Balance in Developing Lungs and Its Role in Neonatal Transition 14. Use of Diurects in the Newborn 15. Neonatal Hypertension: Diagnosis and Management 16. Edema 17. Kidney Injury in the Neonate 18. Hereditary Tubulopathies 19. Obstructive Uropathies: Assessment of Renal Function in the Fetus

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