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Red Flags II

Red Flags II
titolo Red Flags II
sottotitolo A Guide to Solving Serious Pathology of the Spine
autori ,
argomento Medicina Terapia fisica e riabilitazione Colonna vertebrale
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 256
pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9780443069147
34,00 28,90
Risparmi: € 5,10
The perfect companion to the successful "Red Flags: A Guide to Identifying Serious Spinal Pathology" by Sue Greenhalgh and James Selfe, this new pocketbook guides the practitioner through solving serious spinal pathologies. "Red Flags II" expands on some of the concepts outlined in the first "Red Flags" and gives advice on appropriate investigations. It retains a strong clinical focus through the use of multiple case histories of real patients with serious pathology of the spine. Readers are given the opportunity to utilise clinical reasoning processes as they work through these case histories.

Indice testuale

1 Clinical Reasoning 2 Evidence Base for Red Flags 3 Extra-pulmonary Spinal Tuberculosis 4 Cauda Equina Syndrome 5 Cancer 6 Serious Pathology Fractures 7 Red Herrings 8 Investigations in Serious Pathology of the Spine

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