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Cardiovascular PET: Current Concepts

Cardiovascular PET: Current Concepts
titolo Cardiovascular PET: Current Concepts
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argomenti Medicina Cardiologia Angiografia imaging cardiologico
Medicina Tomografia computerizzata P.E.T.
Medicina Tomografia computerizzata T.A.C. sistema cardiovascolare
Medicina Cardiologia
Medicina Tomografia computerizzata
editore McGraw-Hill Education
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 256
pubblicazione 2019
ISBN 9781259860485
214,00 203,30 (-5%)
State-of-the-art coverage of Cardiovascular PET This innovative text provides readers with in-depth clinical updates on every aspect of Cardiovascular PET. With coverage that spans everything from instrumentation to clinical procedures, the intent and focus of the book is provide readers with the very latest, most reliable data in this rapidly expanding area. Essential for anyone preparing for the Nuclear Cardiology boards, Cardiovascular PET: Current Concepts in logically divided into six section: Technical Developments in PET, New Developments in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with Cardiac PET, New Developments in Viability Assessment with Cardiac PET, Current Status of Assessment Cardiac Sarcold with FDG Imaging, Infection and Vascular Inflammation Imaging, and New Tracers in Cardiovascular PET.

Indice testuale

Section I: Technical Developments in Cardiovascular PET

1. Cardiovascular PET Cameras: detectors: BSO vs. LSO/LYSO, line source vs. hybrid PET/CT, 3-D versus 2D acquisition, etc

2. Cyclotrons, Generators, Delivery systems for Cardiac PET imaging

3. Radiation Exposure with Cardiovascular PET: new data


Section II: New Developments in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with Cardiac PET

5. Clinical Update: Indications, Protocols, Accuracy, Risk stratification

6. Hybrid Imaging: Value of Calcium Scoring with case examples

7. Quantitative myocardial blood flow - technical and quality control issues with case examples

8. Quantitative myocardial blood flow - clinical importance with case examples


Section III: New Developments in Viability Assessment with Cardiac PET

10. Clinical update on role and value

Patient preparation for FDG viability: diabetic and non-diabetic

Interpretation of PET viability studies with examples

Section IV: Current Status of Assessment of Cardiac Sarcoid with FDG Imaging

11. Clinical need: current assessment

Patient preparation

Supportive data

How to do: value of MRI?

Interpretation of cardiac sarcoid studies with case examples

Assessment of therapies: timing, indications

Reporting cardiac sarcoid studies

Section V: Infection and Vascular Inflammation


10. Infection imaging: ICD, leads, endocarditis

Section VI: New Tracers in Cardiovascular PET

11. Flurpiridaz to be the primary topic

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