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Color Atlas of Veterinary Pathology

Color Atlas of Veterinary Pathology
titolo Color Atlas of Veterinary Pathology
sottotitolo General Morphological Reactions of Organs and Tissues
autori , ,
argomento Veterinaria Patologia
editore Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 160
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9780702027581
122,00 103,70
Risparmi: € 18,30
For over 20 years, the first edition of this book provided veterinary students and pathologists with an invaluable fast and structured survey of the complete field of veterinary pathology. Now in its second edition, the authors have thoroughly revised, updated and added to both images and text, with the focus still on domestic animals. Each chapter now begins with a short, descriptive text on each body system covered in the atlas. The "Color Atlas of Veterinary Pathology" supports understanding of disease and disease processes by visualizing how cellular pathology, inflammation, circular disturbance and neoplasia are expressed in the different organs and tissues. For this purpose it demonstrates the general morphological reactions of organs and tissues using examples from specific veterinary pathology. It remains an indispensable aid to those studying or involved in veterinary pathology.

Indice testuale

1. Hematopoietic System 2. Circulatory System 3. Respiratory System 4. Urinary System 5. Liver 6. Alimentary System 7. Pancreas 8. Peritoneum 9. Endocrine Glands 10. Genital System 11. Nervous System 12. Locomotor System 13. Skin 14. Mammary Glands 15. Eye 16. Ear

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