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Evidence-based Medicine

Evidence-based Medicine
titolo Evidence-based Medicine
sottotitolo How to Practice and Teach EBM
autori , , , ,
argomenti Medicina Medicina interna
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 280
pubblicazione 2000
ISBN 9780443062407
39,00 37,05 (-5%)
This manual is designed for clinicians who want to learn how to practise and teach evidence-based medicine. Written for the busy practitioner, it is short and highly practical. It shifts the focus from theory and explanation to tactics and clinical applications, seeking to reflect the growing ability to transform critical appraisals of evidence into direct clinical action. The chapters examine areas such as diagnosis and screening, prognosis, therapy, and how to find the best evidence. The accompanying CD-ROM contains clinical examples, critical appraisals, and background papers from 14 other health disciplines. It also features extended descriptions (including sample Web pages) of several evidence sources.

Indice testuale

Introduction. Asking answerable clinical questions. How to find current best evidence. Diagnosis and screening. Prognosis. Therapy. Harm. Guidelines. Teaching methods. Evaluation.

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