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Orthopedic Physical Assessment

Orthopedic Physical Assessment
titolo Orthopedic Physical Assessment
argomento Medicina Ortopedia Riabilitazione ortopedica
editore Saunders
formato Libro
pagine 1184
pubblicazione 2014
ISBN 9781455709779
91,00 86,45 (-5%)
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Newly updated, this full-color resource offers a systematic approach to performing a neuromusculoskeletal assessment with rationales for various aspects of the assessment. This comprehensive text covers every joint of the body, head and face, gait, posture, emergency care, the principles of assessment, and preparticipation evaluation. The latest edition of this core text is the essential cornerstone in the new four-volume musculoskeletal rehabilitation series.


Indice testuale

1. Principles and Concepts of Assessment 2. Head and Face 3. Cervical Spine 4. Temporomandibular Joint 5. Shoulder 6. Elbow 7. Forearm, Wrist, and Hand 8. Thoracic (Dorsal) Spine 9. Lumbar Spine 10. Pelvis 11. Hip 12. Knee 13. Lower leg, foot and ankle 14. Assessment of Gait 15. Assessment of Posture 16. Assessment of the Amputee 17. Primary Care Assessment 18. Emergency Sports Assessment

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