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Clinical Management of Articulatory and Phonologic Disorders

Clinical Management of Articulatory and Phonologic Disorders
titolo Clinical Management of Articulatory and Phonologic Disorders
autori ,
argomento Medicina Otorinolaringoiatria Anatomia e fisiologia in O.R.L.
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 400
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9780781729512
69,00 58,65
Risparmi: € 10,35
This revised Third Edition serves as the primary textbook for introductory courses in articulation and phonological disorders. The text focuses on articulation and phonological development and disorders, their management, and the many approaches/techniques of current treatment. Features of this clear text include: chapter subheadings that lead students throughout the material; boxed questions about important information; case examples to illustrate practical applications; chapter content summaries and study suggestions for instructors; and 100 illustrations. Chapters on treatment feature quick reference protocols of various treatments for students to use in planning intervention for case study projects, observations of clinicians, or their own clients

Indice testuale

Chapter 1 Significance of Articulation and Phonology and Their Disorders 1 Chapter 2 The Speech Mechanism and the Phonetic System 9 Chapter 3 Phonological System and Development 41 Chapter 4 Dialect Variations of Speech Sound Production 75 Chapter 5 Types and Potential Etiological Factors of Articulatory/Phonologic Disorders 92 Chapter 6 Assessment of Articulatory/Phonologic Disorders 120 Chapter 7 Transition from Assessment to Intervention of Articulatory/Phonologic Disorders 168 Chapter 8 Phonetic Treatment Approaches 193 Chapter 9 Phonological Treatment Approaches 229 Chapter 10 Implementation of Intervention and Transition to Dismissal 254 Appendix A International Phonetic Alphabet 283 Appendix B Traditional Distinctive Features System 287 Appendix C1 Percentages of Responses Considered "Acceptable" in Single-Word Productions 290 Appendix C2 Percentage of Correct Usage of Consonants by Age 293 Appendix D Case History Information 294 Appendix E Guidelines for Effective Interviewing 299 Appendix F Short Test of Sound Discrimination 303 Appendix G The Farquar-Bankson In-Depth Test of Auditory Discrimination -/s/ 304 Appendix H Sample Individualized Education Plan (IEP) 306 Appendix I Motokinesthetic Sound Stimulations 316 Appendix J Sample Clinician Verbal Instructions for Palatometric Instrumental System 318 Appendix K Sample Goal, Behavioral Objectives, and Procedures 320 Appendix L Sample Group Approach Lesson 321 Appendix M Example HAPP-3 Assessment Results and Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 Projected Targets 323 Glossary 325 Bibliography 335

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