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Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis

Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis
titolo Replacement of Renal Function by Dialysis
autori , , , ,
argomento Medicina Nefrologia Dialisi
editore Kluwer Academic Publishers
formato Libro
pagine 1627
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9781402000836
235,00 199,75
Risparmi: € 35,25
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This is the leading textbook on the subject. It is a completely rewritten and up-to-date fifth edition, based upon the highly respected fourth edition, edited by C. Jacobs, C.M. Kjellstrand, K.M. Koch and J.F. Winchester. Considered the global resource for dialysis specialists, dialysis manufacturers and scientists for over two decades, this authoritative, highly acclaimed major reference work has been completely rewritten and revised in a much-awaited 5th edition. All previous chapters have been updated to include the very latest advancements and understandings in this critical and complex field. New sections include those on computerization of dialysis records, online monitoring and biofeedback, patient sexual function, patient selection and integration, use of exercise in improving patient health, design of randomized trials, and more. This new edition is truly global in scope and features the contributions the top experts from around the world.

Indice testuale

Foreword to the fifth edition; B.H. Scribner. Introduction; W.H. Horl, K.M. Koch, R.M. Lindsay, C. Ronco, J.F. Winchester. Contributing authors. Section 1: Pathophysiology of the Uremic Syndrome: Section editor: W. Horl. 1. Molecular basis of uremia; M. Fodinger, G. Sunder-Plassmann. 2. Uraemic toxicity; R. Vanholder, R. de Smet, N. Lameire. 3. The uremic syndrome and pathophysiology of chronic renal failure; W. Horl. 4. Solute transport mechanisms in dialysis; T. Depner. 5. Optimization of high-flux, hollow fiber artificial kidneys; K. Leypoldt, C. Ronco. 6. Peritoneal anatomy and physiology; R.T. Krediet. 7. Biology of hemodialysis; W. Horl. 8. Biology of peritoneal dialysis; N. Topley. Section 2: Technology of Dialysis and Associated Methods: Section Editor: C. Ronco. 9. Vascular access for hemodialysis and its complications; S. Schwabb, B. Canaud. 10. Peritoneal access And its complications; S. Ash. 11. Thrombogenesis and anticoagulation in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis; J. Bohler. 12. Hemodialysers and related services; N.A. Hoenich, P. Ghezzi, C. Ronco. 13. Membranes for hemodialysis; C. Ronco, P. Ghezzi, S.K. Bowry. 14. Hemodialysis machines and monitors; H.D. Polaschegg, N.W. Levin. 15. Machines for automated peritoneal dialysis; C. Ronco, M. Feriani, R. Dell'Aquila. 16. Machines for continuous renal replacement therapies; C. Ronco , R. Bellomo, A. Brendolan. 17. Water treatment for contemporary hemodialysis; B.J.M. Canaud, N. Levin, Lonnemann. 18. Solutions for peritoneal dialysis; M. Feriani, C. Ronco, G. La Greca. 19. Computerized patient record in dialysis practice; J.A. Lorch, V.E. Pollack. 20. Online monitoring and biofeedback; R.M. Lindsay, D. Schneditz. 21. Hemodialysis fluid composition; F. Locatelli. 22. Adequacy of hemodialysis; R. Suri, P. Blake. 23. Prescription and adequacy of peritoneal dialysis; J. Burkart. 24. Dialysis techniques: 1-Techniques of peritoneal dialysis; R. Gokal. 2-Hemodialysis; F. Locatelli. 3-Continuous renal replacement; C. Ronco, A. Brendolan, R. Bellomo. 4-Daily hemodialysis; U. Buoncristiani. 5-Extracorporeal blood purification; W. Samtleben, M. Lysaght, A. Kaplan. 6-Hemoperfusion; J.F. Winchester. Section 3: Clinical Aspects of Organ Failure in Dialysis Patients: Section editor: J.F. Winchester. 25. Blood pressure control in chronic hemodialysis patients; G. London. 26. Cardiac disease in chronic uremia; P.S. Parfrey. 27. Lipids and atherosclerosis; C. Wanner. 28. Acid-base; M. Feriani, A. Fabris, G. La Greca. 29. Pulmonary aspects of dialysis patients; P.C. D'Haese, M.E. De Broe. 30. Gastrointestinal complications in dialysis patients; J. Gonin, C. Kitiyakara, A. Santos. 31. Neurological and neuromuscular disorders in dialysis patients; A. Davenport. 32. Trace elements in dialysis patients; M.E. De Broe, L.R. Lins, W.A. De Backer. 33. Bleeding disorders; J.F. Winchester, R.M. Lindsay. 34. Anemia and iron replacement; W. Horl. 35. Immunologic and chronic inflammation in dialysis; B. Dechamps-Latscha, W. Horl. 36. Diseases of the native kidney disorders in dialysis and transplanted patients; N. Lameire, R. Vanholder, A. Dhondt, W. van Biesen. 37. Endocrine disorders in dialysis patients; V. Lim. 38. Malnutrition and dialysis; D. Fouque, J.D. Kopple. 39. Beta 2 amyloidosis; M. Jadoul. 40. Renal osteodystrophy; F. Llach. 41. Intradialytic complications: pthophysiology, prevention and treatment; F.M. van der Sanden, N.W. Levin, J.P. Kooman, N.A. Hoenich, K.M.L. Leunissen. 42. Peritoneal infections, hernias and related complications; R. Gokal. Section 4: Special Clinical Situations: Section editor: K.M. Koch. 43. Preservation of native renal function at different stages of renal impairment; N. Lameire, W. van Biesen, R. Vanholder, D. Churchill. 44. Considerations in the management of patients with acute renal failure; B.A. Mueller, M.A. Kraus, C. Ronco, W. Clark. 45. Renal replacement therapy in children; B. Warady, T. Bunchman. 46. Dialysis in the elderly; E. Grapsa, D.G. Oreopoulos. 47. Pregnancy and dialysis; J.Goody, G. Umans. 48. Renal replacement therapy for diabetic patients; E.A. Friedman, Y. Woredekal. 49. Social, ethical and legal issues in chronic hemodialysis and transplantation; S. Patel, L. Kimmel. 50. Psychiatric aspects of the dialysis patients; P.G. Wilson. 51. Quality of life of the dialysis patient; J. Ahlmen. 52. Sexual dysfunction in dialysis patients; B. Palmer. 53. Transplantation: integration, patient selection, use of dialysis in transplant patients; U. Frei, N. Lameire, A.M. Davison. 54. Human immunodeficiency virus infection in dialysis patients; T.K. Sreepada Rao. 60. Dialysis associated hepatitis; . Koehler. Section 5: Organization and Results of Chronic Dialysis: Section editor: R.M. Lindsay. 56. Outcomes in dialysis: a global assessment; D. Bottalico, F.K. Port, F.P. Schena. 57. Economics of dialysis: a global assessment; P. Blake. 58. Dialysis in the developing world; R.S. Barsoum. 59. Exercise for dialysis patients; P.L. Painter. 60. Assessing the progression of renal disease; S. Klahr. 61. The design of randomized clinical trials in dialysis patients; T. Greene, A. Cheung, R.T. Krediet. 62. Management of center hemodialysis programs; A. Kliger. 63. Home hemodialysis; R.M. Lindsay, R.M. Leitch. 64. Peritoneal dialysis program management; J.F. Winchester. 65. Telemedicine and dialysis: 1-desk top telemedicine systems; J. Moncrief. 2-General telemedicine systems; J.F. Winchester.

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