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Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension

Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension
titolo Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension
Editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Formato Libro
Pagine 384
Pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9780781795302
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Now in its Sixth Edition, this manual offers a concise, thorough guide for treating patients with a wide range of kidney disorders and hypertension. It features brief, focused chapters with abundant tables and algorithms. The coverage includes practical information on renal transplant and dialysis, the main classes of drugs used for hypertension and renal protection, and how to prescribe for patients with renal diseases. The chapters are all written by clinicians with extensive experience in managing the disorders. This completely updated edition includes new medications, new imaging modalities such as MR angiography, current terminology, and up-to-date information on diabetic kidney disorders.

Indice testuale

APPROACH TO THE PATIENT WITH RENAL DISEASE Renal Structure in Relation to Function Kirsten M. Madsen and Jill W. Verlander Evaluation of Kidney Structure: Radiology and Biopsy C. Craig Tisher Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Renal Disease and Fluid Status David Wojciechowski and Pouneh Nouri Proteinuria and the Nephrotic Syndrome Michael S. Gersch and Anupam Agarwal GLOMERULAR AND TUBULOINTERSTITIAL DISEASES AND VASCULITIS Diabetic Nephropathy JogiRaju Tantravahi and C. Craig Tisher Glomerular Diseases Richard J. Johnson and C. Craig Tisher Renal Involvement in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Mark S. Segal and Richard J. Johnson Renal Vasculitis Geraldine Shaw Bichier Renal Involvement in Thrombotic Microangiopathy, Scleroderma, Multiple Myeloma, and Amyloidosis Geraldine Shaw Bichier Tubulointerstitial Nephritis Haobo Zhou and Shakil Aslam HIV Infection and Kidney Disease C. Craig Tisher HEREDITARY DISEASE Renal Cystic Diseases Christopher S. Wilcox DISORDERS OF WATER, ELECTROLYTES, AND ACID-BASE REGULATION Disorders of Water Balance Mark S. Segal and Charles S. Wingo Potassium Disorders Bruce C. Kone and Charles S. Wingo Acid-Base Disorders I. David Weiner and Charles S. Wingo Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Disorders Xueguang Chen and Pouneh Nouri DISEASE OF THE URINARY SYSTEM Renal Stone Disease Muna Thalji Canales, Benjamin Canales, and I. David Weiner Urinary Tract Infections Muzna Adil and Shakil Aslam HYPERTENSION Approach to the Hypertensive Patient Christopher S. Wilcox Secondary Forms of Hypertension Christopher S. Wilcox Hypertension and Renal Disease in Pregnancy Maisa N. Feghali and Jason G. Umans DRUG USE IN HYPERTENSION AND RENAL DISEASE Diuretics Zuoheng Fan and Christopher S. Wilcox Alpha and Beta Blockers and Sympatholytics Christopher S. Wilcox Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors, Angiotensin Receptor Blockers, Renin Antagonists, and Mineralocorticosteroid Antagonists Christopher S. Wilcox Calcium Channel Blockers and Other Vasodilators Christopher S. Wilcox Urgent, Emergent, and Resistant Hypertension Christopher S. Wilcox Dopaminergic and Pressor Therapy Muzna Adil and Pouneh Nouri Use of Drugs in Renal Failure Ping Li and Jason G. Umans RENAL FAILURE: DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT Acute Renal Failure Monique Pratt and Pouneh Nouri Chronic Renal Failure Daqing Guo and Shakil Aslam Prevention of Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Cardiovascular Complications Muzna Adil and Shakil Aslam Renal Disease in Patients with Liver Disease Jingjiang Nie and Shakil Aslam Hemodialysis and Continuous Therapies Edward A. Ross and Amir Kazory Peritoneal Dialysis Joyce M. Gonin Renal Transplantation Joyce M. Gonin Anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease Muzna Adil and Robert J. Rubin Nutrition in Renal Failure Thomas G. Baumgartner and Edward A. Ross

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