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Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques

Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques
titolo Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques
autori , ,
argomento Medicina Citologia-istologia Citologia
formato Libro
pagine 584
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9780702068645
For 40 years, Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques has established itself as the standard reference for histotechnologists and laboratory scientists, as well as histopathologists. With coverage of the full range of histological techniques used in medical laboratories and pathology departments, it provides a strong foundation in all aspects of histological technology - from basic methods of section preparation and staining, to advanced diagnostic techniques such as immunocytochemistry and molecular testing. This revised and updated 8th Edition by Kim S. Suvarna, Christopher Layton, and John D. Bancroft is a one-stop reference for all those involved with histological preparations and applications, from student to highly advanced laboratory professional. Presents a thorough, up-to-date, and detailed approach to the theory and protocols for preparing cells and tissues for laboratory evaluation, covering topics ranging from basic to advanced Features new content on automation (computer logging and tracking, sub-sampling and archiving of samples), digital scanning techniques for slides used in remote/telepathology, and specialist molecular techniques. Provides superb visual guidance through the use of vivid color illustrations, including additional illustrations of diagnostic modalities and techniques. Contains more summary tables, charts, and boxes throughout for quick reference. Expert ConsultT eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

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Pathology Laboratory Management Chemical Safety in the Laboratory Light Microscopy Fixation of Tissues The Gross Room Tissue Processing Microtomy Resin Techniques Theory of Histological Staining The Hematoxylins and Eosin Automation in the Histology Department Connective and other Mesenchymal tissues with their stains Carbohydrates Pigments and minerals Amyloid Traditional stains and modern techniques for demonstrating Micro-organisms in Histology Bone 18 Neuropathology and Muscle Biopsy Techniques 19 Immunohistochemical and Immunofluorescent Techniques 20 Molecular Pathology 21 Transmission Electron Microscopy 22 Digital Pathology Appendices Diagnostic Appendices Appendix I Traditional Methods Appendix II Tissue Microarray Appendix III Applications of Immunohistochemistry Technical Appendices Appendix IV Measurement Units Appendix V Preparation of Solutions Appendix VI Buffer Solutions Appendix VII Solubility of Some Common Reagents and Dyes Appendix VIII Mounting Media and Slide Coatings

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