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Raj's Practical Management of Pain

Raj's Practical Management of Pain
titolo Raj's Practical Management of Pain
autori , , , ,
argomento Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Terapia del dolore
editore Mosby
formato Libro
pagine 1344
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9780323041843
202,00 171,70
Risparmi: € 30,30
Get the core knowledge in pain medicine you need from one of the most trusted resources in the field. The new fourth edition guides you through every aspect of pain medicine with concise descriptions of evaluation, diagnosis of pain syndromes, rationales for management, treatment modalities, and much more. From commonly seen pain syndromes, including headaches, trunk pain, orofacial pain, back pain, and extremity pain through specific pain management challenges such as postoperative pain, pain due to cancer, phantom pain, and pain in the management of AIDS patients. This popular text will equip you with the know-how you need to effectively manage even your most challenging cases.

Indice testuale

Part I: General Considerations (H.T. Benzon and J. Rathmell, editors) 1. The History of Pain Medicine, Winston C.V. Parris and Benjamin Johnson 2. Taxonomy and Classification of Chronic Pain Syndromes, Harold Merskey 3. Organizing an Inpatient Acute Pain Management Service, Beth M. Minzter and Alex Cahana 4. Pain Medicine Practice: Development of Outpatient Services for Chronic Pain, David Walega 5. Health Care Policy, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety in Pain Medicine Practice, Douglas G. Merrill 6. Education, Training, and Certification in Pain Medicine, James P. Rathmell and David L. Brown Part II. Basic Considerations (D. Turk and C. Argoff, editors) 7. Pain Pathways: Peripheral, Spinal, Ascending, and Descending Pathways, Karin N. Westlund High 8. A Review of Pain-Processing Pharmacology, Tony L. Yaksh 9. Pain and Brain Changes, A.V. Apkarian Part III. Evaluation and Assessment (C. Argoff and J. Rathmell, editors) 10. History and Physical Examination of the Pain Patient, Irfan Lalani and Charles E. Argoff 11. Electromyography and Evoked Potentials, Bernard M. Abrams and Howard J. Waldman 12. Radiologic Assessment of the Patient with Spine Pain, Timothy P. Maus 13. Psychological and Behavioral Assessment, Alicia Heapy and Robert D. Kerns Part IV. Clinical Conditions (H.T. Benzon and C. Wu, editors)

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