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The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia

The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia
titolo The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia
autori ,
argomento Medicina Neurologia Demenze
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 487
pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9781107077201
130,00 110,50
Risparmi: € 19,50
This new edition of The Behavioral Neurology of Dementia provides clinicians and researchers with the latest research findings written by the leading dementia experts. With chapters ranging from cognitive evaluation to imaging, and genetics and pathology to treatment, the detailed clinical descriptions of diseases and symptoms serve not only as an educational tool for trainees, but also as an opportunity for experienced clinicians to deepen their knowledge and better serve their patients. After years of little progress, the pace of discovery has been speeding up in the last decade, and the authors distil the most valuable discoveries into clear, insightful chapters with applicable information. All the chapters from the first edition have been refreshed with new text and figures. There are new chapters on autoimmune antibody-associated encephalopathy; chronic traumatic encephalopathy; and sleep issues in dementia.

Indice testuale

Preface; 1. Dementia at the bedside Bradley F. Boeve and Bruce L. Miller; 2. Neuropsychiatry of dementia Chiadi U. Onyike and Peter V. Rabins; 3. Neuroimaging in dementia Karen Misquitta, Howard Rosen and Maria Carmela Tartaglia; 4. Epidemiology and risk-factors for dementia Kristine Yaffe and Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri; 5. Genetic approaches to neurodegenerative disease Leonel T. Takada; 6. Animal models of dementia Erik D. Roberson and Aimee W. Kao; 7. Neuropathology of dementia Eun-Joo Kim, Sarat Vatsavayai and William W. Seeley; 8. Alzheimer's disease Brandy R. Matthews; 9. Frontotemporal dementia Shirley Y. Pang and Bruce L. Miller; 10. Primary progressive aphasia M. Marsel Mesulam; 11. The non-fluent/agrammatic variant of primary progressive aphasia Murray Grossman; 12. Semantic dementia (semantic variant primary progressive aphasia) John R. Hodges, Sharon Savage and Karalyn E. Patterson; 13. Logopenic variant of primary progressive aphasia Peter Pressman and Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini; 14. The cognitive neurology of corticobasal degeneration and progressive supranuclear palsy Carolyn A. Fredericks and Suzee E. Lee; 15. Amnestic mild cognitive impairment Christopher Butler and Samrah Ahmed; 16. Non-amnestic mild cognitive impairment Julio C. Rojas and Brianne M. Bettcher; 17. Early clinical features of the Parkinsonian-related dementias Maya Katz, Peter Pressman and Bradley F. Boeve; 18. The Lewy body dementias Richard R. Murphy and James B. Leverenz; 19. Cognitive and behavioral abnormalities of vascular cognitive impairment Jee Hyang Jeong, Eun-Joo Kim, Sang Won Seo and Duk L. Na; 20. CADASIL: a genetic model of arteriolar degeneration, white matter injury, and dementia in later life Danielle Cabral, Michelle L. Mellion, Stephen P. Salloway, Thea Brennan-Krohn, Stephen Correia and Suzanne delaMonte; 21. Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease and other prion diseases Michael D. Geschwind and Serggio Lanata; 22. Autoimmune antibody-associated encephalopathy and dementia syndromes Michael D. Geschwind and Carolyn A. Fredericks; 23. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy Raquel C. Gardner and David C. Perry; 24. Treatment of Alzheimer's disease Po-Heng Tsai and Jeffrey L. Cummings; 25. Cognitive disorders of the very old Victor Valcour and Kamal Masaki; 26. Delirium masquerading as dementia S. Andrew Josephson; 27. Sleep issues in dementia Bradley F. Boeve; Index.

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