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Emergency Psychiatry

Emergency Psychiatry
titolo Emergency Psychiatry
sottotitolo Principles and Practice
autori , , ,
argomento Psicologia e Psichiatria Emergenze psichiatriche
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 448
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9780781768733
102,00 86,70
Risparmi: € 15,30

Written and edited by leading emergency psychiatrists, this is the first comprehensive text devoted to emergency psychiatry. The book blends the authors' clinical experience with evidence-based information, expert opinions, and American Psychiatric Association guidelines for emergency psychiatry. Case studies are used throughout to reinforce key clinical points. This text brings together relevant principles from many psychiatric subspecialties-community, consultation/liaison, psychotherapy, substance abuse, psychopharmacology, disaster, child, geriatric, administrative, forensic-as well as from emergency medicine, psychology, law, medical ethics, and public health policy. The emerging field of disaster psychiatry is also addressed. A companion Website offers instant access to the fully searchable text.


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GENERAL PRINCIPLES: The History of Emergency Psychiatry, Gail M. Barton / Structure & Function of Psychiatric Emergency Services, Avrim Fishkind & Jon S. Berlin / Triage of Psychiatric Emergencies, Laurie E. Reinhardt / Safety in the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Nancy Byatt & Rachel Glick / Medical Evaluation of Behavioral Emergencies, Lawrence H. Cresswell, III, Dustin M. Riccio & John B. McCabe / Principles of Emergency Psychopharmacology, Darin D. Signorelli, Ikechi Nnawuchi & Scott Zeller / Engaging the Crisis Patient Around Medication, Ronald J. Diamond / Peer & Consumer Involvement in the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Lisa Halpern & Ken Duckworth / Advanced Interviewing Techniques in Emergencies, Ron Rosenberg / Interviewing for Acuity & the Acute Precipitant, Jon S. Berlin & Jon Gudeman / The Family in Psychiatric Emergencies, Alison Heru & Lee Combrinck-Graham COMMON PRESENTING PROBLEMS: Agitation I: Overview of Agitation & Violence, Scott Zeller & Suzanne M. Bruch / Agitation II: De-escalation of the Aggressive Patient & Avoiding Coercion, Avrim Fishkind / Agitation III: Pharmacologic Treatment of Agitation, Leslie Citrome / Suicide & Homicide, Ian C. Dawe / Psychosis, Scott Zeller & Joshua Niclas / Depression, Carla D. Edwards & Rachel Glick / Mania & Mixed States, Alan C. Swann / Anxiety, Jagoda Pasic & Paul Zarkowski / Delirium, Barry Simon, Douglas Hughes & Zach Smith / Dementia, Marc E. Agronin / Substance Abuse, Terry Rustin / Loss & Trauma, Janet Richmond / Personality Disorders, JoAnn Heap & Kenneth R. Silk / Factitious Disorders & Malingering, Lucy A. Epstein & Theodore A. Stern / Somatoform Disorders, Lucy A. Epstein & Theodore A. Stern SPECIAL TOPICS: The Psychiatric Emergency Assessment of Children & Adolescents, Karen K. Milner / The Psychiatric Emergency Assessment of the Geriatric Patient, Joseph S. Goveas & Harold Harsch / Psychiatric Emergencies During Pregnancy & Postpartum & Review of Gender Issues in Psychiatric Emergency Medicine, Erin Henshaw & Sheila Marcus / The Psychiatric Emergency Assessment of the Patient with Developmental Disability, Mark Hauser / Emergency Psychiatric Services for People Who Are Homeless: Intervention, Linkage & Recovery, Hunter L. McQuistion, Carlos Almeida & Ilana Nossel / Legal Issues in Emergency Psychiatry, Charles E. Saldanha / The Crisis Intervention Team Model: An Intersection Point for the Criminal Justice System & the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Randolph T. Dupont / Crisis Residential Settings, Richard M. Patel / Mobile Crisis Settings, David C. Lindy, Leila B. Laitman & Patrick J. Moynihan / Psychiatric Emergencies in Other Medical Settings, Divy Ravindranath, Michelle Riba & Rachel Glick / The Crisis Phone Call, John Kalafat / Cultural Issues in Emergency Psychiatry, Charles E. Saldanha PUBLIC POLICY, TEACHING & THE FUTURE: Disaster Psychiatry & Psychiatric Emergency Services, Anthony T. Ng / Violence Prevention & Control: A Public Health Approach, Stephen W. Hargarten & Ann Christiansen / Policy Issues Relating to the Treatment of People with Psychiatric Disabilities in Emergency Department Settings, Susan Stefan / Education & Training in the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Jennifer S. Brasch / Administration of Psychiatric Emergency Services, Avrim Fishkind, Scott Zeller & Mende Snodgress / Research & Quality Improvement Activities in the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Ian C. Dawe / The Future of Emergency Psychiatry, Rachel Glick, Jon Berlin, Avrim Fishkind & Scott Zeller

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