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Rhoton's Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches

Rhoton's Cranial  Anatomy and Surgical Approaches
titolo Rhoton's Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches
argomenti Medicina Neurologia Neurochirurgia
Medicina Neurologia
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 784
pubblicazione 2020
ISBN 9780190098506
264,00 250,80 (-5%)
Disponibilità immediata
Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches is the master work of the legendary neurosurgeon Albert L. Rhoton, Jr. — a distillation of 40 years of work to improve safety, accuracy, and gentleness in the medical specialty the author helped shape.

Newly reissued and featuring more than 2000 full-color illustrations, this definitive text on the microsurgical anatomy of the brain remains an essential tool for the education and enrichment of neurosurgeons at any career stage. It fulfils its author's hopes to make, in his words, the "delicate, fateful, and awesome" procedures of neurosurgery more gentle, accurate, and safe.

Across three sections, Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches details the safest approaches to brain surgery, including:

Micro-operative techniques and instrument selection
Microsurgical anatomy and approaches to the supratentorial area and anterior cranial base, including chapters on aneurysms, the lateral and third ventricles, cavernous sinus and sella.
Anatomy and approaches to the posterior cranial fossa and posterior cranial base, including chapters on the fourth ventricle, tentorial incisura, foramen magnum, temporal bone, and jugular foramen
Supra- and infratentorial areas, including chapters on the cerebrum and cerebellum and their arteries and veins

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