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El Croquis n. 204. Xaveer de Geyter (2005-2020)

El Croquis n. 204. Xaveer de Geyter (2005-2020)
titolo El Croquis n. 204. Xaveer de Geyter (2005-2020)
argomenti Architettura e Design Architettura Singoli architetti e studi di architettura
Architettura e Design Architettura
Architettura e Design
editore El Croquis
formato Libro
pubblicazione 2020
ISBN 9788412003468
69,00 65,55 (-5%)
Disponibilità immediata
Xaveer de Geyter

Between Pragmatism and Invention
A Conversation with Xaveer de Geyter
The Architecture of Xaveer De Geyter Architects
Place Rogier, Brussels
Place Schuman, Brussels
GZA Residential Care Centre
Province Headquarters, Antwerp
Z33 Museum, Hasselt
Faculty of Economics, Strasbourg
International Olympic Committee Headquarters
Waterfront Promenade, Vlora
Melopee, Multipurpose School Building
Museum of Fine Arts, Tournai
Learning and Innovation Centre, Brussels
Hotel PEX, Toulouse
Cargill Headquarters, Vilvoorde
UCBM University Campus
Mobilis Multipurpose Building
Faculty of Economics, Ghent University
Sint-Lucas School of Fine Arts
Kitchen Tower, Brussels
Private house, Hoeilaart
Baltic Pearl Tower, St Petersburg

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