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Cancer in Children

Cancer in Children
titolo Cancer in Children
sottotitolo Clinical Management
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Pediatria Oncologia
Medicina Oncologia Oncologia pediatrica
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 424
pubblicazione 2011
ISBN 9780199599417
140,00 119,00
Risparmi: € 21,00
Cancer in Children is an established and highly regarded introduction to paediatric oncology. In a clear and concise way, it covers the aetiology, symptoms, and treatment of cancer in children, the complications that can arise during treatment, and the various outcomes of the illness. This new edition brings together an international group of highly respected editors and contributors to provide evidence-based information on how to investigate and treat the common cancers in childhood. State-of-the-art descriptions of what is basic and essential for management is included; there are new chapters on clinical trials, evidence based practice, the treatment of cancer in less well-resourced countries, stem cell and immunotherapy, other malignant / borderline haematological conditions (myelodysplasia and myeloproliferative disorders), and on imaging. These all reflect important changes in the focus of the speciality in recent years. Aimed at paediatric oncologists, and trainees in oncology and paediatrics, this leading text will also appeal to paediatric nurses, cancer nurses, and paramedical paediatric staff.

Indice testuale

1. The epidemiology of cancer in children and adolescents ; 2. The biology of cancer in children ; 3. Imaging in paediatric oncology ; 4. Chemotherapy: current knowledge and new perspectives ; 5. Radiotherapy in paediatric oncology ; 6. Clinical trials in childhood cancer ; 7. Allogeneic stem cell and immunotherapy ; 8. Supportive care during treatment ; 9. Psychosocial care ; 10. Palliative care for children with advanced cancer ; 11. Cancer treatment in low- and middle-income countries ; 12. Late effects of therapy and survivorship issues ; 13. Evidence based paediatric oncology ; 14. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia ; 15. Acute myeloid leukemia ; 16. Myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloid leukaemia of Down syndrome, and juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia ; 17. Malignant Non-Hodgkin lymphomas in children ; 18. Hodgkin's lymphoma: Modern management of children and young adults ; 19. The histiocytoses ; 20. Tumours of the central nervous system ; 21. Soft tissue sarcomas ; 22. Bone tumours ; 23. Wilms' and other renal tumours ; 24. Neuroblastoma ; 25. Germ cell tumours ; 26. Childhood liver tumours ; 27. Retinoblastoma ; 28. Other rare tumours

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