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Operation Atlas of Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgery

Collected Case Studies

Hidenori Miyake, Seiki Tashiro

editore: Springer Verlag, Japan

pagine: 342

This work bridges a gap that exists in the field of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery: the scarcity of surgical atlases dealing with the individual peculiarities that change from patient to patient and which are of critical importance in determining the outcome of an operation. Previous atlases dealt with the subject in broad strokes, for example advocating right hepatic lobectomy for liver cancer or pancreatoduodenectomy for cancer of the pancreatic head. That approach takes little or no account of the needs of the individual, which can vary greatly, even in patients with similar conditions or whose cancer has spread to the same extent. The editors have produced an experience-based atlas that illustrates just how effective surgery can be when the finer details of previous cases are considered. Even in cases of advanced cancer, which account for 80 per cent of the studies in this book, remarkable results are possible when the appropriate techniques are fully utilized.
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