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Atlas of Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasonography

R. Kenney, V. Neumann
e altri

editore: Mosby

pagine: 256

Covering horse, cattle, sheep, goat, swine and the dog and cat, this volume offers a comprehensive and illustrated account of veterinary gynaecologic examination and reproduction. Staring with the common indications for ultrasonography, gynaecologic and obstetric examination, the book goes on to address the interpretation of ultrasonographic findings. The pregnant and non-pregnant uterus, pathologic changes of the uterus and other abnormal ultrasonographic findings are described and explained. Features include: illustrations which aim to facilitate accurate and rapid decision-making; focus on technique, as well as interpretation; and coverage of ovarian tumours and cysts. The book is intended for veterinarians.
217,00 206,15

Diagnostic Neuroradiology

A Text Atlas

Anne G. Osborn

editore: Mosby

pagine: 960

Charts, tables and lists pull important information into the open for easy review and reference. Divided into six sections, "Diagnostic Neuroradiology" covers the full range of neurologic disease imaging: normal brain development and congenital malformations; haemorrhage, trauma and vascular disease; brain tumours and tumour-like processes; infections, metabolic, toxic and degenerative diseases; spine and cord; head and neck.
350,00 332,50

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